The California Grill

Absolutely nothing tops the California Grill, our favorite place in Walt Disney World.

Tops in location: It's on the 15th floor of the Contemporary Resort with a beautiful view of the Magic Kingdom
Tops in food: Lyd loves the beef and nobody tops the sushi.
Tops in atmosphere:  Over the years we have been coming to the CG (often twice in one visit), it has become family.

People talk in awe of how difficult it is to get a window table at the California Grill.  I don't have any trouble, but then, we don't ask for a window table!

Back in April, we visited the California Grill and profiled our visit. Our friends at the CG printed our pictures, and they will be offering some corrections to that page.  June 27, 2004: Matty helped me identify what is on each platter.

What a great group family:  From the left, Matty (my new E-mail contact), Dennis (A man who makes a great Manhatten), Yoshi (The Sushi Boss, known to many of the staff as Mom or Mother [but NEVER Mama]), Ron (who takes good care of me), Alma Lei (a great chef herself) and Takashi (the newest member of the family.)

Some of their wonderful dishes.

1. This one isn't mine. But it looked so good I had to take a picture. The one on the left is a "Snake in the Grass" ... Shrimp tempura with avocado, eel and cucumber. The others are: Medusa Roll, Spicy Sensation, Bonsai Roll and California Roll. 2. This is a Medusa Roll ... Tempura soft-shelled crab with wasabi cream and spicy teriyaki. 3. The big one in the middle is the "Snake in the Grass"  with Tuna Poki and Spicy Sensation. Alma Lei makes the sauce in the lower right corner 4. This is a real tasty salad.  I believe there is chopped ginger, and the larger pieces with the red accents are octopus. 5. This is a sushi spring roll, with salmon, tuna and hamachi.  The sauces are wasabi cream, wasabi oil, and bonsai sauce. 6. There is a Tuna Tataki Summer roll in rice paper here and the bowl in the lower right is an onion relish, I think.
Yes, I actually eat all of this stuff; with my back to the window and ignoring the menu.  In fact, when the server asks me what I'm having, I point to Yoshi and reply, "What ever she makes for me."  The California Grill is a great place to eat.  How I get in is my little secret.