Veterans' Day in Philadelphia

On November 10, I dropped Charlie off at the "Doggie Hotel" where he warmly greeted his friends.  He doesn't really enjoy being there, but usually doesn't decide that until long after he's been dropped off. We flew up to Philadelphia in the evening to spend the 4-day weekend with Kate and Sal and all of the Ferrarellos.
We drove to downtown Philadelphia on Independence Day and went to the Visitor Center. Lyd, Kate and Sal are very photogenic.
Constitution Hall is a marvelous place to visit with a splendid multi-media show about the constitution. Independence Hall is to the South.
The "Constitutional Cow" has the entire U.S. Constitution printed on it.  Note the comment from Benjamin Franklin on the cow's udder.

There is a beautiful hall filled with life-size bronze statues of the signers of the Constitution

... where Tom had a chat with George Washington ... and Lyd shared a point of constitutional law with the representative from Maryland. Has any one seen my spectacles? I invented them you know.

Lunch was at City Tavern, just southeast of Independence Hall.