Maryland Christmas 2005

We arrived at Margaret's home on the 19th of December.  Having shipped our clothes ahead of time, we were not caught by the over-loaded shuttle flight and our bags were not "bumped" as they were last year.  Bill, Lydia's brother, and his children, Chris and Lisa, flew in on the 22nd.  Kate and Sal joined us on the 23rd and left after dinner on the 25th as Kate had patients on the 26th. She brought us pictures of the outside of the Oley office and of her shingle. On the 26th, Victor invited the men over for his annual day of oysters.  The first course was roasted oysters. The women went out for lunch as well. On the 27th, Victor and Elaine invited us over for pizza.  I had the opportunity to talk with Jessica, Victor's grand-daughter.  She plans to study in South Africa next term and we compared notes.  She promises to keep me in the loop.  Bill's son, Chris, is 20.  He recently finished a course in automotive repair of expensive cars.  Currently, due to a problem with headaches, he is unemployed. Bill's daughter, Lisa (18), is expected to finish high school in the spring of 2006.

Margaret's Christmas tree in the front room.

Kate's Oley office.

Kate's shingle

Jessica Laws

Victor Laws

Chris Engle

Margaret with her grandchildren: Chris, Lisa and Kate.

Lyd's brother, Bill Kate, Sal and Lisa Shucking roasted oysters Lydia and Lisa Kate and Lisa