We went to see Dominic for the 1st time.
We left Salisbury, 9/17/08, a little after 1000. We stopped just south of Dover and had lunch and then drove on to Wyomissing, arriving a little after 2:00. Except for eating take-out pizza in shifts, we spent the rest of the day just looking at and/or holding Dominic. Though not yet in a routine, Nico (NEE-ko), as his mother calls him, dutifully performed all of the 4 functions newborns do:
1. Sleeping, 2. Taking food in, 3. Expelling the remains of the food, and 4. Verbally expressing a need to do one of the other 3.
[Note: it is the responsibility of the adults present to figure out which one of the other 3 he is trying to communicate.]
As promised, I stopped announcing his age in minutes after that age reached 5,000. This occurred in the middle of the evening at 8:06 P.M. on the 17th
Around the time we left on the morning of the 18th, he was 4 days old. We drove home to Salisbury in 3.5 hours without incident and we'll return to Wyomissing, October 24th.
Tom (Pop) and Nico Nico is asleep on Gram's tummy. Sal and his son Lyd and Nico Lyd (Gram) and Dominic