Wyomissing Trip
We left Salisbury to drive to Wyomissing on the morning of the 24th at 1000. We made it to Dover, just before Route 1, at 1100 and stopped at Applebee's.
After a 40 minute lunch, we were back on the road, arriving in Wyomissing at 1415, a very good trip.
To make things easier for Kate and Sal and, of course, Dominic, we took crab imperial and sister cities slaw for Friday night's dinner.
Saturday, we provided corn beef salad for lunch and pizza takeout for dinner. Oh yeah, we had a chocolate mousse pie for dessert.
Nico is much bigger at 40 days old than he was at 4. He was fussy Friday afternoon but was much better on Saturday until the early evening. At that point they resorted to music and dancing him around the room to stop the crying.
We'll head back to Salisbury on Sunday.