Nico is 6 months old.
We drove up to Wyomissing to visit Kate, Sal, Nico and Jack, for Nico's 1/2 birthday.
3/13/09: We left Salisbury in snow flurries at 0945, after Margaret's morning care. The snow quit by Harrington, DE, where we picked up some Chicken McNuggets for lunch on the road. The rain ended around Dover, and we came out from under the cloud cover at the Delaware/Pennsylvania border. The rest of the drive on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and on I-176 was uneventful and we pulled into the driveway at 1325. Kate and Nico were in the family room and Nico was awake. In fact, Nico had been awake since about 1000 this morning and stayed awake until 2000. The poor guy really needed a nap, but fought it all afternoon. Santo and Ann stopped by for a visit around 1500.
3/14/09: Sal had to go to a funeral, but was home a little after noon, and with a pizza. We had a marvelous day in their family room of just great family time. Nico is even more precious than before, but that's the opinion of a grandfather. He sits up without any support, and, in my opinion, is ready to crawl. Kate and Sal say he's been pushing with his legs for months, so maybe we're not yet ready to crawl.
3/15/09: It's overcast, but 43o, with a promise of a little rain from Wilmington, DE, on south to Salisbury. True to predictions, the rain did start at the tip of Delaware and continued all the way home, but we did the trip in a remarkable 3 hours.
Drinking from Mom's Glass Eating from a Spoon
Grand-Pop and Grand-Ma Ferrarello
Kate's dinner, Saturday night, was a chicken casserole, with baked asparagus and tomatoes in balsamic vinegar and EVOO.