Kate, Sal, Nico and Jack
Kate, Sal, Nico and Jack arrived on Thursday at 2300. We fed them a little boiled shrimp after Nico went to bed. The little guy was tired after the long drive. Friday morning, after Lyd did Margaret's morning care, she harvested tomatoes from the garden, our first. After lunch, we went to the zoo! Dinner was lasagna, garlic bread, salad and blueberry crisp. Saturday, after lunch, we all went over to Pinehurst Elementary School where Nico played on the swings and the dogs ran. Victor and Elaine came for cocktails. Dinner was lamb top round, zucchini gratin, mac & cheese and chocolate mousse pie.
An Otter plays in the water A Pelican's beak can hold more than its belly can. The Capybara is the world's largest rodent. A break at the playground
The peacock A prarie dog The American Bison A cool sunhat

Swinging on the Swing

The lamb top-round Chocolate Mousse Pie