Christmas Day #2
With Kate, Sal, and Nico in town, as well as Jerry and Brian, we had a second Christmas.
Prior to their arrival on the 28th, we had already assembled Nico's new shopping cart. He loves to push things around. Buddy slept on the sofa waiting. They arrived just before 10.
On the 29th, Brian and Jerry Laws joined us for lunch. At 6, we all went to Victor and Jean's for cocktails. Later, we had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of Lasagna.
Sal provides Nico with breakfast.
Nico loves Mr. and & Mrs. Snowman. When he presses her mitten, they sing. He presses it again, and again, and again.
Nico and Sal played with the Hogwarts train at the bottom of the tree.
Jerry and Brian shared a thought at Victor and Jean's.
Margaret is the Queen Bee.
On the 30th, we started with the traditional Laws Breakfast. We then opened gifts. I took the men out for sushi at Sakura. Brian and Jerry joined us for dinner.
We served the traditional Laws Breakfast.
We gave Nico a Fisher Price train.
Yes, some assembly was required.
I took Vic, Jerry, Brian and Sal to Sakura for all-you-can-eat sushi.
Jerry Laws
Brian Laws
Lyd served a dinner of Beef Filet
On the 31st, they went back to Wyomissing after a wonderful Christmas holiday.