Independence Day in Wyomissing
We left the house at 0900, Saturday, gassed the car, dropped off Buddy at the Weeping Willow Kennel and headed north. The traffic on DE 1 was bad, but it was all headed south. We rolled into Kate, Sal and Nico’s at 1300. Nico’s got a cold, but he was still a lot of fun. Kate served a shrimp pasta dish for dinner and the Donatos came by for a brief visit.
By Sunday morning, Sal and Kate were feeling Nico's cold as well. We scrapped plans for the 4th of July parade and stayed in the house. We suggested and sprang for pizzas for dinner. We watched the Capitol Fourth on PBS and everybody went to bed.
We were up early on Monday morning. We decided not to wait for Nico to get up and that turned out to be a good move as he slept until nearly 1100. Kate left for work about 0730 and we left at the same time. Lyd drove the whole distance home and we were in a little after 1100.