A Weekend in Wyomissing
Nico's 2nd birthday was the 14th and Kate's 32nd was the 16th, so the weekend of the 18th was used to celebrate both, in Wyomissing. Lyd was home from Margaret's at 0830 and we left the house by 0900. We dropped off milk and ham at Margaretís and then took Buddy to the kennel. We cleared Weeping Willow, Lyd driving, at 0930. We stopped for brunch at McDonalds in Harrington and continued north, Tom driving. Lyd took over when we joined the PA turnpike, just past a fatal accident. She took us into Wyomissing, arriving at the kidís at 1315. We spent the bulk of the afternoon enjoying Nicoís playtime. Sal grilled salmon and veggies for dinner. Nico played with the hospital set in the basement along with the extras we had just provided.
Saturday morning dawn at about 50o. A large batch of Kate's Red Sauce was made to go with the lasagna. Family started arriving at 1600. Kate's lasagna was accompanied by her red sauce and fruit and salad. After dinner, presents were opened.
Sunday morning, we were on the road at 0730 before any of the Ferrarellos were out of bed.
Nico has a Disney shirt and hat.
Nico at play.
He has toy food..
...and made Lyd a sandwich.
Outside, he mowed the lawn
while his grandmother watched.
Then he moved on to playdough.
Sal grilled salmon for dinner.
Nico enjoys dinner.
After dinner, we went to the basement where Nico played with his hospital, including the new pieces we provided.
Nico played the guitar.
Nico watched himself on TV.
The birthday dinner for Kate and Nico had 11 of us.
Kate made lasagna.
He is so cute!
Ann and Ray
Birthday Cake
The Birthday Cake
Nico and Kate
Nico opened gifts after dinner.
We gave him a large box of blocks.
Nico gave Santo an Exam
He checked his Dad's ears.
He checked Santo's knees.
He takes his temperature in his navel.