Halloween in Wyomissing
We're spending Halloween in Wyomissing. We dropped off Buddy at Weeping Willow at 0900. With Lyd driving, we make quick work to Harrington where we picked up a few breakfast sandwiches at McDonalds. I took the wheel back just below Dover. We got off of I-176 a few exits early and went the back way into Wyomissing, arriving just before 1300. Nico was finishing lunch and asked me to wash his hands and face for him. We gave our gifts of the Orbit Wheels for Sal, tray and wine holder for Kate and the airplane set for Nico. All were successes. Nico took his nap and I grabbed one on the sofa, as well. Kate served steamed broccoli (Nico’s favorite), roasted potatoes, and a meat loaf using a recipe from a cookbook given to her by Pat Cascone. After dinner, we continued family time, including Nico dancing to Monster Mash before he went up to bed, his grandmother right behind him. Halloween is Sunday and we'd already sent the requested Peter Pan costume from the Disney Store. We'll drive back on Monday morning.