Sal, Kate and Nico will visit
Sal, Kate and Nico came down for a visit. As usual, they arrived Friday evening and left on Sunday morning. This was Nico's first opportunity to play in the backyard. He also played Peek-a-Boo with his grandfather. Lyd served Osso Buco and a Waldorf Salad for dinner. On Sunday, he and Lyd played with the coo coo clock. Sal, Nico and I played with the monorail in the living room. At brunch, Lyd makes the chandelier swing and Nico loves it! Lyd's brunch was crepes.
Sal and Nico
Nico played in the backyard. video
Peek-A-Boo with Pop.
Waldorf and Osso Buco
Pop and Nico
Nico and Gram and the Coo Coo clock. video
The Monorail video
The Swinging Chandelier video