Christmas #2 in Maryland
Sal, Kate and Nico got out of Wyomissing a little early and rolled in at 9, Monday night.
Tuesday, we took Bill to an early flight and KSD slept late. Margaret tried to step out of the holiday plans, but Kate called her and convinced her that we wanted her to be a part of our days. We served Kung Pao Pork for lunch and Lasagna for "Christmas Eve" dinner. The day was spent playing with Nico, trains, toys and Buddy.
We had Christmas Day #2 on the 29th. Following the traditional Laws' breakfast, we opened gifts. Margaret elected not to join us for Christmas dinner of beef filet.
Following lunch on the 30th, they drove home, as they are hosting a New Year's Eve Party.
Nico plays the trumpet. video
He's been sent to get the trick bag. video
Nico's winter hat.
Kung Pao Pork for lunch
Lasagna for dinner
We celebrated the Laws Breakfast
Kate and Sal received Serving Dishes
The Sorcerer's Hat Ornament video
Kate and Sal
Nico played with the Hogwart's Express video
Lyd served roasted veggies, filet...
..and roasted potatoes...
...for dinner.
Nico and two nutcrackers
Lyd served fried apples...
and quiche...
...for brunch.