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Christmas Holidays
Bill's flights from Denver brought him in to town Thursday, the 22nn around 1800, some 30 minutes late. He left Denver an hour late with 10" of snow and a traffic mess. For no apparant reason, his flight from Philadelphia to Salisbury was 30 minutes late. Dinner was at Margaret's house and included crab salad, succotash, Tom's Brussels Sprouts and broiled tomatoes. Earlier in the day, we had picked up 1/2 bushel of oysters from Fat Boys.
Friday morning, Bill did a little shopping and Lyd brought Margaret over to our house. Bill brought the fixings for several varieties of Bloody Mary. Along with those, we consumed oyster stew and oyster pot pie and roasted several pans of oysters which we shucked and ate. Victor and Elaine, and Vic, Jean and Jessie, joined Margaret, Bill and us at Fratelli's for a family dinner, the only opportunity for most of the family to see Bill on this visit.
On Saturday, Bill and Margaret joined us at our house for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of lasagna. Sal, Kate and the boys arrived at 2315, driving down from Wyomissing.
Sunday, Christmas morning, the traditional Laws' breakfast was at our house. After breakfast, we opened gifts. Following naps for all those who needed them, we reassembled for Christmas dinner at our house. Bill's return flight to Denver left Monday morning at 0839 and he arrived safely.
Sal, Kate and the boys will remain with us until Wednesday morning. We've invited Victor, Elaine, Vic and Jean for cocktails on Tuesday, and we'll see how many attend.
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