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Operations Day
With Greg in the tower working Dispatch, the rest of us ran trains. Matt ran the Parkersburg yard, and Bill the Chillicothe Yard. I don’t know the place names in the layout yet, so that made things a bit difficult. My first assignment was to take a passenger train, #101, from Clarkston to Cincinnati. I had some problems with initial derailments and didn’t know to “stop” at stations along the way. My 2nd assignment was to take an extra with five loaded coal cars to the steel mill and pick up empties and return them to Chillicothe. This would involve some switching at the steel mill to accomplish the task. When I arrived at the steel mill, dispatch said Elmer was also arriving with coal cars and we would need to coordinate our efforts. I soon learned that coordinating with Elmer means he takes over and won’t even accept suggestions. Some called it being “Elmerized.” My final assignment was to take a mixed freight out of Parkersburg. I was having throttle problems and this was a frustrating task as well and I called it a day. I’ll miss the April OPS day, due to WDW, but will return in May.
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Coal Mine