Election Day
It was our hope that the country would return to a level of sanity, but it didn't happen. It was imperative that Romney defeat Obama to stop the slide of this country into the Socialism of Western Europe, but it didn't happen. The GOP did retain control of the House, but did not gain control of the Senate. The House can stop the slide of this country into a state where those who produce nothing are supported by those who produce everything. We participated in Early Voting, Wednesday, October 31, at the Civic Center.
The Next Four Years

Now that Obama has won four more years as president, here’s what’s likely to happen.
  • The President will propose more spending to stimulate the economy and the House will refuse.
  • With Obamacare’s taxes in place and the threat of high income taxes still hanging over small business, they will continue to procrastinate on any new hiring and employment will not improve.
  • The President will demand yet another extension to unemployment benefits and, without spending cuts, the House will refuse. The Food Stamp rolls will increase.
  • The House will pass a balanced budget which the Senate will ignore and America will continue without a budget.
  • Existing programs will expand the deficit and Obama will insist on another raise of the debt ceiling which, without spending cuts, the House will refuse.
  • The House will pass a comprehensive overhaul of our income tax laws, but, because it will be written by Republicans, the Senate and Obama will dismiss it.
  • Canada will sell shale oil to China.
  • Obama will attempt to bypass the U.S. Constitution and rule through Executive Order forcing lengthy and volatile court fights.
  • Iran will develop a nuclear weapon and will use it on Israel. Israel will retaliate.
Peter and Paul

P-eople who are
E-mployed and are a part of the 53% who pay
T-axes and
… produce or produced a product or a service. They are often, though not always, Republicans.

P-eople, and their supporters, who
A-void responsibility but loudly crow about their rights. People who are chronically
U-nemployed and collect unemployment rather than accepting a job. People who are
L-eaning on the government for everything rather than doing anything themselves…
… produce neither product nor service, just more Paul. They are a part of the 47% who pay no taxes. While all Democrats are not Paul, all Paul are Democrats as the Democrats keep the faucet flowing. They hate Peter’s success.

When you rob from Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on support from Paul.

Election Day, Paul, and his enablers, outnumbered Peter in the elections. Obama’s plan for the next four years will be identical to his plan for the last four years: He’ll try to pass more incentives (spending) and rail against the House of Representatives who will prevent him from doing so. Through the programs already in place, he’ll borrow more money from China and print more money all to buy more votes from Paul. He’ll try to take more of our freedoms and make us more dependent on the government and tell Paul that it’s Peter’s fault.

Here’s a curious question: What happens when the debt ceiling must, yet again, be raised?
  • No poor man ever gave a job to another man. Increase the tax base, not the tax rate. Putting people back to work in the private sector will take them off of unemployment and put them on the tax rolls.
  • When the number riding the wagon exceeds the number pulling the wagon, the wagon won't move.
  • Republicans don't care what a woman does with her body. Just don't send us the bill.
  • Non sequitur: Republicans oppose abortion, but favor the death penalty while Democrats abhor the death penalty but favor abortion.
  • A Republican who encounters something with which he/she disagrees will discard it. A Democrat, knowing he/she knows what is best for all, will seek to have it banned for all.
Obama favors redistribution of wealth. He wants to increase taxes on small business to pay for his social programs. His goal is to have every American pay what he is able to pay, according to the government, so that every American will receive, from the government, what he needs, according to the government.
This was also the goal of Karl Marx; Communism!
Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.