The family room fireplace died on the last Sunday of 2012. Whereas we still have 2-3 months of cold weather remaining, we're going to replace it.
- -
Tue, Jan 29 Ricky finished the trim, in an hour, and the job is finished, except for the painting, which Lyd will do.
Thu, Jan 17 At 1400, Mike and his people completed the installation of the fireplace. Greg will schedule the trim.
Wed, Jan 16 At 0845, Ricky, from Messick Brothers, began tearing out the old fireplace. They were finished by 1030 and Mike was emailed to schedule the fireplace installation.
Tue, Jan 15 Mike and a service tech installed the cut-off valves for the gas.
Fri, Jan 11 We stopped by CATO and picked out the logs; also sending in the deposit. Greg sent us the Messick proposal, estimate and drawing, which we accepted.
Fri, Jan 4 Greg measured and is confident that the framing can be done by the end of the month. I notified Mike to proceed.
Thu, Jan 3 Mike, from Cato Gas and Oil, came and talked with us. He's going to find what we need and email us pictures. We called Greg, with Messick Builders. He's coming tomorrow to measure the opening and discuss cost and timeline
Mon, Dec 31 Jimmy, from Polliard, cleaned the thermocoupler and reported it as burned off after countless years of use. He recommended Cato Gas and Oil as vendors.
Sun, Dec 30 We came home from lunch at Fratelli's and the pilot light was out. We tried, without success to relight it and called Polliard, leaving a message requesting a service call.