They're Playing Our Song
January, 2014
CPOS Logo The Salisbury Community Players are presenting They're Playing Our Song.
Directed by Sherri Hynes.
Show dates are 1/23-25, 30-31, and 2/1.
‘They’re Playing Our Song’ is a musical based on the real-life relationship of composer Marvin Hamlisch and lyricist Carole Bayer Sager. In the show, Vernon Gersch, winner of three Emmy Awards and one Academy Award for his music compositions, agrees to partner with young lyricist, Sonia Walsk. Even though Sonia already has a boyfriend, she and Vernon soon fall in love, expressing their thoughts in song both in their own solos and in songs where each is backed by three "alter egos.
Sat, Feb 1 Lyd and I attended the matinee (and final) performance. It was an excellent show and the cast did a great job. It's the first musical we've seen in WorWic, using a four piece pit band. It was a sellout for this show.
Wed, Nov 4 Sherri has announced auditions, but there is nothing for my demographic, so I'll not attend.