Fiddler on the Roof
November, 2014
"L'Chaim To Life!" The international smash about Russian villagers and their universal longings love, wealth, freedom, God and home this beloved musical, boasting the songs "If I Were a Rich Man," "Sunrise, Sunset," "Matchmaker" and more. Dance into the town of Anatevka, where "Tradition" is both embraced and challenged as local milkman Tevye sees his daughters fall in love in a time of extraordinary change.
Wed, Aug 6 Show dates will be November 7-9. We'll be at WDW, so I'll not audition and we'll not even see the show.
Fri, Jun 13 Fiddler auditions will start the 17th of August.
Wed, Apr 23 This will be the 1st show of the 77th season.