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The holiday season Open House started on November 29. I ran trains from 1100 to 1330, primarily running an eastbound passenger train. I turned my throttle over to one young boy so he could operate it for a while. I was home in time to watch FSU defeat Florida.
Sunday, I again ran trains for a few hours (had two hot dogs for lunch). We have issues with some members who want to bring extremely long trains to run. They tie up the longer sidings, making it difficult to accomodate all of the trains. I took my new White Pass and Yukon locomotive in so Greg can install the DCC chip. I should be able to run it on the layout after the holidays.

Saturday, Dec 6: The cold I caught last weekend is quite virulent, so, rather than expose trainmen or guests, I stayed home.
Sunday, Dec 7: That cold is still active, so I'll return after Christmas for the January weekends.