Family Room Lights
February, 2014
Lyd has decided that the ceiling fans in the family room have got to go and will be replaced by recessed lighting. A fixture will be positioned over the table, so Margaret will no longer be dining in her own shadow.
Wed, Mar 12 Christine and Jesse were here at 0830 and painted the ceiling. The job is finished.
Tue, Mar 11 Milton put on a final coat of mud, sanded and said he was done. Christine should be here tomorrow for painting.
Mon, Mar 10 Milton put on another coat of mud.
Tue, Mar 4 we postponed the rest of the ceiling light project until next week to allow prep for the kidsí visit this weekend.
Mon, Mar 3 We got about 3-4Ē of snow and all of the dayís activities were cancelled.
Sun, Mar 2 Milton came at 1230 and put another coat of mud on the ceiling.
Sat, Mar 1 Milton was due at 1030 but didnít show until 1230 and put another coat of mud on the ceiling.
Fri, Feb 28 We were expecting Milton between 12 and 1 to repair the ceiling, but he called at 1245 to say he wasnít coming until 1430 and finally arrived at 1530.
covers the crack.
Thu, Feb 27 Dicky finished the electric work for the lighting project. No Milton!
The cut in the ceiling.
A light over the table
Facing NW
Facing NE
Wed, Feb 26 Dicky arrived at 0820 to begin work on the replacement of the ceiling lights in the family room. By 1500, he had replaced all the lights. We need trim for one light fixture and one dimmer needs to be replaced. Dicky will return tomorrow to finish. Milton, the drywaller, will start tomorrow afternoon to repair the ceiling.
Dicky is cutting the ceiling
[dust on the lens]
Cut in the ceiling
Mon, Feb 24 Greg and Dicky came and we discussed and measured the project. Dicky will start Wednesday morning.
Before the work started:
This fan has got to go.
The table is too dark.
Facing northwest
Facing northeast