Fence Replacement Project
May-Jun 2014
When the decrepit fence at the Morton house to the east was finally torn down, Lyd determined that she wanted to replace it and to put a small corner fence on the southwest corner of the yard.
Tue, Jul 01 Linc and his associate worked in the southwest corner of the yard finishing the installation of the fence.
- -
Fri, Jun 27 Linc arrived at 0930 to work on the NE fence, finishing it at 1500.
- -
Thu, Jun 26 Linc worked from 0930 until sundown on the fence on the NE property line and it looks great.
- - -
Sat, Jun 21 At 0900, Linc arrived with his crew and they set the posts in for the fence which will go on the NE property line.
- -
Fri, Jun 13 Linc Parker came and we finalized plans for the fence. It should be completed this coming week. A deposit was ordered.
Wed, May 28 Linc stopped by to measure and to discuss styles. He'll supply style suggestions and an estimate.
Tue, May 27 Neighbor Matt Drew is having a fence installed by Linc Parker. Greg also recommends Linc. A phone call was placed.
Fri, May 23 Greg was asked for a referral.
Fri, Apr 25 A second call was placed to Anderson Fencing. This call was not return either.
Tue, Apr 22 I called Anderson Fencing and was told to expect a return call from Mike.
Thu, Mar 27 Scott called to report he is not doing wood fencing anymore. He recommended Anderson Fencing.
Wed, Mar 26 An Email was sent to Scott Dickerson, who put in the backyard fence.