Garage Patio Project
5/01 - 01/01/2016
To get better use out of the garage and the back yard, we going to have the garage door serviced and an electric opener installed. We going to cut a door in the side of the garage into the back yard. Additionally we're having a patio installed in the back yard with a path to the house and to the garage to accommodate a grill and an area for frying. Finally, additional lights will be installed under the eaves of the garage to light the area.
Mon, Mar 16
4 Teak Chairs were purchased from Sporty's Preferred Living to go around the glass top table.
Tue, Sep 02 Carmen and Sherry came back to tweak the yard     
- - - - -
Wed, Aug 27
Cutting Crew arrived at 0815 and worked all day to finish the landscaping of the back yard.
Thu, Aug 21 Carmen called with the estimate for the yard and we approved it. Estimated completion is Wednesday.
Wed, Aug 20 At 1330, Sherry Bauer from Cutting Crew measured and drew her plans for the patio.
Fri, Aug 15 We drove out to Lowe’s and purchased patio furniture and a grill, to be delivered Monday. When we got home, the garage door people were installing the opener and servicing the door.
Thu, Aug 14 The garage door people still didn't show. Greg says they'll be here between 0800 and 0830 tomorrow. Christine will be painting on Monday.
Wed, Aug 13 Dicky finished the electrical work for the patio. The garage door people didn't show.
Tue, Aug 12 Dicky started the electrical work in the garage and on the patio lights..
Mon, Aug 11 Greg stopped by to look at the patio. We should expect the garage door people and Dicky Seaton, the electrician, on Wednesday.
Fri, Aug 8 Mick dropped Carlos off at 0800 and told us Josh was on the way with more bricks from New Jersey. He was on the road before 0430. By 1215, Mick and his crew had finished the patio and had made a few adjustments to the irrigation system in the back yard.
Thu, Aug 7 The paver crew arrived at 0810. Whereas they’re creating a lot of dust, we closed the windows. By the end of the day, Mick and his boys had run out of bricks and need more. They’ll be back tomorrow.
- - - - -
- - - - -
Wed, Aug 6 Although we expected the pavers to continue work on the back yard, they didn’t show.
Mon, Aug 4 The paver crew began site preparation for the pavers and it is ready for the laying. Video   
- - - - - - -
Sun, Aug 3 The pergola, completed in the back yard in our absence, is beautiful.
- - - -
Fri, Jul 25 Robbie Messick called wanting to start the work in the yard on Monday.
Fri, May 2 Greg and representatives from the Overhead Door Group (Jay and Jason) came to discuss the door and to draw the project. An estimate is next.
- - - -