Home Laws' Visit 2015
Jerry and Linda Laws were here for a visit. They flew in on the 10th and back on the 13th. They stayed with us while negotiating Victor's Dad' transition from Mallard Landing, through PRMC, to a rehab facility.
Friday, Jan 9: Around 10, Elaine called. Rescue was called twice yesterday for Victor. The first call was for a fall and they had to get him back on his feet. Later, they were called again when he was weak and incoherent. With low O2 levels, he was transported to PRMC. Initially, due to over-crowding, they did want to admit him, but, when he requested admittance, they did. The diagnosis is pneumonia. He is receiving O2 and antibiotics and is responding. Emails have traveled amongst Us, Vic, Jerry, Kate and Bill all day keeping everyone in the loop. In the afternoon, a patient coordinator called Elaine to tell her that, upon discharge, he needs to go to a facility that provides rehab and additional care, and not return home.
Saturday, Jan 10: A call to Elaine suggests that Victor will be moved to Wicomico Nursing Home either Sunday or Monday as she is not able to take care of him at home. Jerry and Linda flew from Dallas to Washington.
Sunday, Jan 11: Jerry and Linda left DC around 9. Elaine called and Victor was moved, again, last night to a different room. He will not be moved to any facility this weekend. Jerry and Linda pulled in at 1100 and we had meatball sub sandwiches before they left to meet Vic and Jessie at Evolution. Jerry and Linda returned with a completely different conclusion to the events of the weekend. Vic is of the opinion that their father will be returning home soon to the status quo. We ordered pizza for dinner and Jerry returned to the hospital for a visit and came home confident that Victor sees his limitations and will go to a facility. Tomorrow will tell.
Monday, Jan 12: Jerry and Linda had lunch with Elaine and were back at 1415. Tomorrow, he will probably be transferred to Wicomico Nursing, then home with LifeMatters during waking hours. Jerry went out to dinner with Vic, Jean and Elaine and Linda stayed home with us for crab cakes.
Tuesday, Jan 13: Jerry and Linda left before 0800 for their flight from Reagan to Dallas Love. They landed on schedule and reported that Victor is moving, this afternoon, to Aurora Senior Living of Manokin in Princess Anne to a semi-private room.
Buddy, Lyd
& Linda
Linda on the
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