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We've been invited to Wyomissing for the weekend. After missing the birthday weekend in September, we're taking along birthday presents for a late birthday.
Friday: At 0631, it's 63. We dropped off Buddy at 0900 at Weeping Willow Kennel and headed north. There was little traffic and we were at King of Prussia near noon. Following a bathroom break, we missed the turn for the Turnpike and took US 422 northwest, instead. We got to the house about 1300. Leo got up from his nap shortly before Dominic got home from school about 1600. Kate made soft tacos for dinner, and whereas we'd had no naps, we were in bed shortly after 2000.
Saturday: At 0700, it's 47 in Wyomissing. After a breakfast of bagels, we went to a nursery in Sinking Springs for fall decorations and a few pumpkins. Kate served deli sandwiches for lunch. We played with the boys in the afternoon and Sal took all of us to Chili's for dinner. In the evening, I watched FSU host Miami. I went to bed at halftime, 2200, with a temp of 48. The 'Noles hung on to win 29-24. Alas, the Gators won, too, but Spurrier lost, again.
Sunday: At 0550, it's 41 in Wyomissing.
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