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July, 2015
Lydia has Jury Duty in the Circuit Court of Wicomico County for the month of July.
Jurors are numbered 100 through 999; her number is 180.
Sunday through Wednesday, after 1730, we are to call a recorded message and receive instructions as to which jurors are to report the next morning. Juries are not selected on Fridays.
Though she reported three different days, no juries were seated on those days, so she was never selected.
Wed, Jul 28 #100-#205 report at 0830.
This morning, the defendant requested a postponement, denied by the judge, so he elected to take the deal. Lyd is finished with Jury Duty.
Tue, Jul 27 Excused [#791-#937 Report]
Mon, Jul 27 Excused [#661-#790 Report]
Thu, Jul 23 All Excused
Wed, Jul 22 Excused [#376-#660 Report]
Tue, Jul 21 Excused [#241-#375 Report]
Mon, Jul 20 #100-#240 reported at 0830.
The bulk of those summoned were taken to a courtroom. Prior to voir dire, the judge noted that the witness was absent. A bench warrant was issued for the witness and the prospective jurors were dismissed. At 1010 she was finished.
Thu, Jul 16 Excused [#821-#937 Report]
Wed, Jul 15 All Excused
Tue, Jul 14 Excused [#756-#820 Report]
Mon, Jul 13 Excused [#466-#755 Report]
Thu, Jul 09 All Excused
Wed, Jul 08 Excused [#371-#465 Report]
Tue, Jul 07 #100-#370 reported at 0830.
At 0945, Lyd was home, jurors not being needed, as the two defendants saw the light and took the deals offered by the prosecution.
[Whereas all jurors in the pool must be called before any are recalled, she should be finished for the week.]
Mon, Jul 06 All Excused
Thu, Jul 02 All Excused
Wed, Jul 01 All Excused