Home SKDL Weekend 2015
Sal, Kate, Dominic and Leo will be here for an early Thanksgiving.
SKDL pulled in at 2215 and by 2320, we were all in bed
Though they stayed in bed, the boys were awake and playing at 0500. At 0617, it's 37. Downstairs, the boys played chess until everyone was up. When Lyd went to Margaret's, we put a batch of cinnamon buns in the oven for breakfast. Kate went back to Margaret's for a visit and then SKDL went to The Ward Museum. They returned in time for a lunch of deli sandwiches. In the afternoon, Lyd and Kate went shopping, but forgot to pick up the turnip greens. When they got home they inventoried the clothes purchased and discovered they had omitted one pair of leggings. A call to Vernon Powell's reserved the leggings until they can return tomorrow to secure them. They took dinner to Margaret. Without Margaret we had a nice Thanksgiving Dinner and, after turning the Holiday House, the boys enjoyed How the Grinch Stole Christmas. After they went to bed, Sal, Kate and I watched Jurassic World.
Following Margaret's morning R&R, Lyd and Kate went back for a visit and then picked up the turnip greens. Lyd went out to Vernon Powell and secured the leggings and some things for Eana's next box. Lyd took a nap and Kate and I discussed her new office. I made shrimp scampi for dinner and they left for home at 1810. We were both in bed by 2045.