Steel Magnolias
Feb, 2016
The action is set in Truvy's beauty salon in Chinquapin, Louisiana, where all the ladies who are "anybody" come to have their hair done. Helped by her eager new assistant, Annelle, the outspoken, wise-cracking Truvy dispenses shampoos and free advice to the town's rich curmudgeon, Ouiser, an eccentric millionaire, Miss Clairee, who has a raging sweet tooth; and the local social leader, M'Lynn, whose daughter, Shelby, is about to marry a "good ole boy." Filled with hilarious repartee and not a few acerbic but humorously revealing verbal collisions, the play can go from high comedy to deep tragedy. Circumstances call for a sudden realization of their mortality and how that affects the others. It also draws on the underlying strength -- and love -- which give the play, and its characters, the special quality to make them truly touching, funny and marvelously amiable company in good times and bad.
Sat, Jan 30 We went to Wor-Wic for the matinee performance. Though the actresses worked hard, the production dragged. It was apparent that, in several places, the performers were awaiting sound cues. We didn't stay past intermission.
Thu, Sep 24 I sent in our Patron form and reserved tickets for the January 30th matinee.