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At 0641, itís 31. Lew went over at 0800 for Margaret's morning R&R. When she returned, cooking for the annual oyster day began with the assembly of the seafood chowder. In addition to some blue crab, she also added tilapia, shrimp and scallops. Bill arrived at 1045, the seafood chowder was already simmering on the stove and we started with Bloody Caesars. Bill and I used kitchen knives and an old pair of work gloves and devoured the Ĺ peck of the Chincoteague delights. Lew prepared a pint of fried oysters and we three inhaled them. Finally, we had the seafood chowder to finish the meal. Bill headed back to 823 for a nap. Lew and I watched Santa Clause and then Die Hard, a sort of Christmas movie. We brought up a Red Baron pizza for dinner, and at 2040, it's 35.