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We're inviting Bill to join us for lunch at Ieish Penny on Tuesday. He'll have crab salad with his mom for dinner. Wednesday, we'll return him to Salisbury airport for his flights back to Denver.
Tuesday: At 0653, itís 32. I completed marketing for Margaret and reconnected her TV to the correct input on the cable box. Bill joined us for lunch at Irish Penny. He and I started with the Potato and Leek Soup. He moved on to the rockfish and chips while Lew and I each had the build your own burger. He picked up the check. Back at the house, I printed his boarding passes for tomorrowís flights. At 2120, it's 33
Wednesday: At 0609, it's 32. Billís flights are showing on-time departures. Lew completed Margaretís R&R. I took Bill to Salisbury airport for his flights home.