Sun, Aug 18 At 0634. Itís overcast. Kate and Dominic joined us for a lunch of sandwiches and Sal arrived soon after from Allentown and the Word Press convention. We had Kung Pao pork for dinner with heavy rains. In the evening we watched NFL Preseason football. At 2240, itís 69o.
Sat, Aug 17 At 0632. Itís 71o. I finished our weekly marketing and cooking began on many of the items for Billís visit. We watched a couple of Downton episodes before he arrived, Abdul of Andrewís Transportation, driving, at 1600. We enjoyed Sunday Cube Steak for dinner, and, at 2145, itís 76o.
Fri, Aug 16 At 0711. Itís 68o. I did brief marketing so we could get to Lewís PCP appointment. We arrived at noon, and, once again, waited. At 1330, we left, without seeing Diane. The checkout clerk will investigate switching Lew to Robin, another NP. We went to the Farmersí Market and secured corn on the cob and beets, getting us home in time for the visit from KDL, as Sal is in Allentown for a WordPress Conference. Kate brought wound supplies and gave Lew a lesson in wound care. She then went on to a haircut, leaving the boys with us. She collected them and, after they left, Lew and I had Bleu cheese filet mignons, baked potatoes and corn ears. At 2300, itís 69o.
Thu, Aug 15 At 0636, itís 68o. Cara arrived at 7 to clean the house in preparation for Billís visit. She left shortly before 9 and we headed for Dr. Campanella. Lewís eye exam went well and she ordered new glasses. We stopped at the Notary and registered the cars in Pennsylvania, a lengthy procedure as the clerk was in training. We drove to Mission BBQ for a take-out lunch. At 1530, the Wound Center called and has nothing until late September. We made an appointment for me on October 9th, but it is doubtful that it will be needed. SKDL arrived a little after 5 and left Leo with us for the evening while they attended Dominicís orientation at the middle school. At 2300, itís 73o.
Wed, Aug 14 At 0651. Itís 71o. At noon we drove to the office of Diane Mulreany, NP. We checked in a few minutes past noon and then waited an hour before being seen. It appears the records sent by Dr. Mehta have vanished and we had to do all that over again with Miranda before seeing Diane. When she finally arrived, she found Dr. Mehtaís records. She refilled several prescriptions with Giant and ordered a few tests. My leg wounds were dressed and a referral made to Wound Care who will call us. Another referral was made for a thyroid scan and script will be written for a colonoscopy and blood work. A December appointment was made. Finally, she ordered an ultrasound of the left leg to be completed this afternoon. We cancelled our evening plans with SKDL and headed for the house, stopping to pick up an antibiotic from Giant. After Buddy was fed and walked, we headed for Reading Hospital and an ultrasound. We arrived a little after 4 but didnít get the test done until after 5. By 1815, weíre back in the waiting room awaiting results and the next step for tonight. After about 15 minutes, Dianne called the hospital to report no blood clots. At 2130, itís 71o.
Tue, Aug 13 At 0625, itís 72o. At 0900, I gassed the car and had a haircut. I then purchased wine and booze, followed by a whole filet, jumbo lump crab, and lobster tails. We had a pizza for lunch and napped and watched Trek Voyager episodes in the afternoon. Lew made salmon salad for dinner and I added Baby Limas for a veggie. At 2300, Patsy sent May dates in 2020 for a visit to Tennessee. At 2310, itís 72o.
Mon, Aug 12 At 0545, we're in St. Paul, MN, headed home from our Mississippi Cruise.
Sun, Aug 11 At 0600, it's 72o in Red Wing, MN, on our Mississippi Cruise.
Sat, Aug 10 At 0627, it's 56o, south of Red Wing, MN, on our Mississippi Cruise.
Fri, Aug 9 At 0550, it's 56o, south of La Crosse, WI, on our Mississippi Cruise.
Thu, Aug 8 At 0600, it's 70o, south of Dubuque, IA, on our Mississippi Cruise.
Wed, Aug 7 At 0630, it's 66o, south of Davenport, IA, on our Mississippi Cruise.
Tue, Aug 6 At 0600, it's 70o, south of Fort Madison on our Mississippi Cruise.
Mon, Aug 5 At 0600, it's 68o, south of Hannibal on our Mississippi Cruise.
Sun, Aug 4 At 0530, it's 70o, in St. Louis on our Mississippi Cruise.
Sat, Aug 3 At 0400, itís 68o with light fog on our 45th anniversary. We're headed for St. Louis for our Mississippi Cruise with Patsy.
Fri, Aug 2 At 0636, itís 65o. Blinds and Designs installed the blinds. Kate and the boys dropped in for a visit. At 1500, we took Buddy out to Willow Creek Vet Center and then came home to broiled lobster tails. At 2000, itís 74o.
Thu, Aug 1 At 0656, itís 68o and we started packing for the Mississippi. We went to lunch at Chef Alanís. We came home to naps. Charlene will come on the 15th of September for a brief visit. At 2020, itís 75o.
Wed, Jul 31 At 0701, itís 70o. Steve from AVT came and gave an estimate for the cameras and thermostat improvements. Frank, Omega Builders, stopped by to confirm what will be done while we are on the Mississippi and Caroline from Blinds and Designs called to schedule the installation of the blinds on Friday. We had Steak Diane from the freezer for dinner. At 2300, itís 75o.
Tue, Jul 30 At 0645, itís 71o. Steve from AVT was to come to discuss house automation, but was delayed and rescheduled to tomorrow. We went to Plaza Azteca for lunch. At 2236, itís 75o.
Mon, Jul 29 At 0629, itís 69o. At 1000, I had my first appointment with Dr. Jess Drezner, Podiatrist, who will see me again in 9 weeks. We had leftovers for lunch and watched Downton 2.8. Chicken Imperial Fettucini, roasted peppers and 4-bean made up dinner. At 0000, itís 79o.
Sun, Jul 28 At 0641, itís 68o. SKDL picked us up at 1150, headed for Masa. We came home to naps and 4 episodes of Season 2 of Downton Abbey on Amazon Prime. At 2230, itís 77o.
Sat, Jul 27 At 0604, itís 61o. I removed the dog screen from the sunroom door. 6 men took the stones from the fish pond to SKDLís and we had tuna salad for lunch. The boys came at 4 and Kate visited until 5. We had grilled cheese and burgers for the boys and then rented Uncle Buck from Amazon Prime. We watched Atlanta at Philadelphia until it got too terrible to watch and the boys played Pirates on the 2017 machine in the sunroom. Sal retrieved them at 9 and I squandered 2 hours playing Civilization. At 2328, itís 75o.
Fri, Jul 26 At 0647, itís 61o. I completed our weekly marketing and Jen, from Omega Builders came to discuss the library shelving, office space and entertainment center. We drove to her cabinet shop to look at the various choices. Kate messaged that they were home, and Leo came down for a visit and to play Pirates. Kate vetoed the Saturday over night for the boys, so they will just come for dinner and a movie and then go home about 9. We shelled the snow crab legs and I had some melted in butter. At 2030, itís 77o.
Thu, Jul 25 At 0651, itís 64o. Sean sprayed the yard, and, soon thereafter, his guys cut the yard. While Lyd was tending Tess, Linda communicated that they wonít do the cruise to New England next summer. We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought stuff for the guest bath before going on to lunch at Masa. We came home to naps and a few episodes of Downton Abbey. At 2130, itís 72o.
Wed, Jul 24 At 0700, itís 62o. We did Tess care and then went to the PenDot to secure Lydís driverís license, but she was not able to pass the vision test and that will need to be discussed with Dr. Campenella. We had chicken parm for dinner, and at 2247 retired for the evening.
Tue, Jul 23 At 0627, itís 66o and overcast. Cara arrived at 0655 and started cleaning upstairs, finishing just before 9. I had a haircut from Megan at Great Clips. We took care of Tess, who showed evidence of both eating and pooping, to Lydís relief. We went to Red Lobster for lunch. At 2208, itís 68o.
Mon, Jul 22 At 0649, itís 73o. Lew checked on Tess and there is still no evidence of eating or pooping. I attempted to register the cars in Pennsylvania and was told there is a lien on the Altima and we must both be present for registering. I contacted Pohanka in Salisbury and they will have the invalid lien removed. We had leftovers for lunch. The pesto-crusted Turkey tenderloin we had for dinner didnít work very well. At 2300, itís 73o.
Sun, Jul 21 At 0636, itís 77o. Lyd drove over, solo, and took care of Tess, noting there is still nothing in the litter box. She also gave her a few treats which she seemed to enjoy. We had leftovers for lunch and beef and noodles with a Waldorf Salad for dinner. I completed work on the CAC 2019 analysis and, at 2316, itís 76o, and raining.
Sat, Jul 20 At 0616, ití 74o. We did Tess duty and then made ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch. Our reduced property assessment came in the mail. Dinner was a Chinese Pork Tenderloin. I continued work on the 2019 CAC analysis. At 2300, itís 83o.
Fri, Jul 19 At 0642, itís 79o. I completed our weekly marketing and Lew had a pedicure. At 1311, we experienced a 2.2 earthquake in nearby Bern Township. Frank, of Omega Builders called to discuss the current projects. Following his call, Jen, a designee, called. She will visit next Friday and we will make some decisions. While we are on the Mississippi, Frank will replace the laundry room door, stack the washing machines, hang the mirror and replace the storm door. We had Steak Madagascar for dinner and, in the evening, I worked on the CAC analysis, including an email to Victor in an attempt to secure Slammer files from the competition to resolve a few discrepancies. At 2326, ití 83o.
Thu, Jul 18 At 0430, attempting to take Buddy out, Lew fell on the stairs and cut her left hand. She saw Dr. Campanella and the cataract surgery post-op looks good. We elected not to go out for lunch and had leftovers for dinner. At 2002, itís 79o.
Wed, Jul 17 At 0548, itís 70o. We left the house a few minutes before 7 for the Berkshire Eye Surgery Center and the removal of the cataract from Lyd's right eye. Just after 9, I was called back to retrieve her. She was awake during the entire procedure to remove the cataract and already sees improvement in her vision. As soon as we got home, she elected to take a nap on the library sofa. Kate and Dominic came for a visit and Dominic and I played Civilization V on the laptop. Lyd slept much of the afternoon before having a slice of pizza and going to bed. I had a piece of sushi tuna and spent the evening working on the CAC analysis. At 2318, itís 78o.
Tue, Jul 16 At 0620, itís 62o. I shopped at Sprechers and Adelphia. We went to lunch at the Peanut Bar in Reading. We returned in time to accept the delivery of Buddyís meds, 10 days after ordering. A phone call from PA Dermatology Partners reports 4 of yesterdayís biopsies are pre-cancerous and need to be frozen. An August appointment is scheduled. An email from Bill contains flight times for a visit from August 17th through August 24th. At 2308, itís 73o.
Mon, Jul 15 At 0651, itís 62o. At 0845, we went to Pennsylvania Dermatology Partners for our initial appointments. We went to the federal building in Reading to apply for Lydiaís replacement Social Security card. Vegetable Beef Soup and Corned Beef Salad for lunch. A phone call to the Eye Care Center requires Lyd to report Wednesday morning at 0730. At 2015, itís 79o.
Sun, Jul 14 At 0648, itís 68o. I assembled my new desk chair and we had corned beef salad for lunch and roast chicken breasts with mashed potatoes, gravy and beets for dinner. At 2300, itís 72o.
Sat, Jul 13 At 0602, itís 63o. At 1100, Lew had a haircut with Scott. We then went to Best Buy and bought a 43Ē LG TV. My desk chair was delivered. In the afternoon we watched Wargames on Amazon Prime and had Steak Diane with green beans for dinner. At 2300, itís 70o.
Fri, Jul 12 At 0636, itís 68o and I completed our weekly marketing. KDL came over for burgers and grilled cheese and we decided our TV needs to be replaced. We had the sous-vide lamb shanks for dinner with limited results, and at 2019, itís 80o.
Thu, Jul 11 At 0626, itís 72o with intermittent showers. Emails from American Airline approved refunds for the WDW involuntary downgrade. Blinds and Designs came to measure for the blinds Lyd wants on the bedroom windows and the two in the library. We went to the Ugly Oyster for lunch. Linda reports their Texas home is now listed for sale. We spent the bulk of the afternoon in the sunroom enjoying the passing bands of rain. After working on welshtlc and pictures, at 2306, itís 72o.
Wed, Jul 10 At 0635, itís 66o. I secured a Pennsylvania Driverís License after a 1:10 ordeal. We went to Bell Tower Salon for Lewís pedicure early to learn Carly, her aesthetician, was out sick. She rescheduled and was told the next pedicure would be on the house. We came home to a lunch of leftovers and naps. We made an excellent batch of chicken chow mein for dinner, and, in the evening, I worked on the 2019 CAC analysis and evaluation. At 2310, itís 76o.
Tue, Jul 09 At 0646, itís 63o. Elite Pressure Washing (Hailey, and her dad, Jim with 2 others) did a fabulous job on the house and we have asked them to schedule us for next summer as well. We skipped going out for lunch and had leftovers for dinner. At 2255, itís 72o.
Mon, Jul 08 At 0727, itís 69o with a light rain and Buddy was still in the bedroom, with me, when I got up. I had a dental appointment; something to do with inserting anti-biotics under my lower left gums in a deep cleaning. We had leftovers for lunch and Stroganov for dinner. I started work on the CAC analysis and a text from Bill reported Cindyís cancer tests were all negative. At 2335, itís 70o.
Sun, Jul 07 At 0617, itís 68o. We had tri-tip sandwiches for lunch and shrimp drambuie for dinner. I activated the 2019-2020 CPOS home page. At 2220, itís 78o.
Sat, Jul 06 At 0620, itís 71o. The boys upgraded bikes, so Leo and Sal road over to show us Leoís new bike. We had a very nice tri-tip roast for dinner with baked potatoes and then enjoyed a marvelous rain storm out in the family room. At 2220, itís 72o.
Fri, Jul 05 At 0643, itís 73o. I completed our weekly marketing and Kate dropped in for a visit. Steve, Solutions AVT, evaluated the house for the installation of cameras and the management of the alarm system and thermostats. We had baked Panko Scallops and roasted squash for dinner. At 2300, itís 77o.
Thu, Jul 04 At 0623, itís 69. We menu-planned, and at 0900 went to the Farmersí Market for 20 ears of corn, narrowly escaping the roadblocks for the approaching parade. From there, we went to Giant to secure a couple of prescriptions. We had a nice lunch of tuna salad after preparing the corn for the afternoon picnic. At 1530, we went to SKDLís for burgers and dogs with SKDL, Santo, Ann, Corvita and Mark. We came home before the fireworks started. At 2200, itís 76o and the pyrotechnics have Buddy all anxious.
Wed, Jul 03 At 0699, itís 81o. Gus and company demolished and removed the shed and we added all of the cardboard boxes from the move. The Berks Tax Assessor says our taxes will go down. Around 1100, the new refrigerator/freezer arrived and the old one was carried away. We had pork tenderloin cutlets for dinner with sautťed squash. At 2255, itís 75o.
Tue, Jul 02 At 0655, itís 67o. At 0700, Adam, of Gettler Electric, replaced the exhaust fan, fastened the cord to the ceiling beam, disconnected the power to the shed and replaced two porch bulbs. At 0740, the dumpster arrived. I had a haircut; created a pharmacy account at Giant; secured gutter wine at Fine Wine and purchased lamb shanks and turkey tenderloins at Sprechers. We went to Say Cheese for lunch and then to Dr. Campanella for Lew's pre-op tests. At 1400, Scott and Chris began the demolition of the shed. Rick added his water heater. At 2200, itís 77o.
Mon, Jul 01 At 0727, itís 64o. Sam is on the front walk and the mailbox is adorned with red, white and blue. We made an appointment with Blinds and Designs for 7/11 at 1000. Omega is coming tomorrow to demolish the shed. We had Chicken Cacciatori for dinner. The ipad, scooter bag and computer bag arrived.
Sun, Jun 30 At 0624, itís 70o. We had macaroni salad and fried eggplant for lunch. KDL came over for a visit and the boys played Pirates on the 2017 laptop. We had leftover pasta and puttanesca with garden salads for dinner. At 2300, itís 70o.
Sat, Jun 29 At 0617, itís 67o. I completed our weekly marketing and we did a few more purchases. We sat out in the sunroom during a thunderstorm while Buddy hid. We had a rather poor steak fajitas for dinner. At 2223, itís 70o.
Fri, Jun 28 At 0733, itís 68o. Buddy had a bad night and Lew didnít sleep well either. At 0830, we went to Grove Dental for Lydís cavity repair. I went to Quest Diagnostic and had blood work done for Dr. White and then went to the Farmersí Market. When we got home, both Lew and Buddy took 3-hour naps. We did a lot of purchasing in the afternoon and had Canneloni-al-funghi for dinner with ears of corn. At 2245, itís 75o.
Thu, Jun 27 At 0605, itís 64o. Cara came at 7 to clean and was gone by 9. We went to Masa for lunch and sat at the sushi counter.
Wed, Jun 26 At 0616, it's 77o, headed home from Walt Disney World.
Tue, Jun 25 At 0611, it's 77o, headed for Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.
Mon, Jun 24 At 0650, it's 78o, with SKDL headed for Universal Studios and Gram and Pop relaxing at Walt Disney World.
Sun, Jun 23 At 0630, it's 78o, headed for Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World.
Sat, Jun 22 At 0650, it's 77o, headed for The Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World.
Fri, Jun 21 At 0630, it's 77o, headed for The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.
Thu, Jun 20 We're at EPCOT at Walt Disney World.
Wed, Jun 19 Along with SKDL, we're headed for Walt Disney World.
Tue, Jun 18 At 0618, itís 67o and we packed for the Disney trip. At 1100, we took Buddy to Willow Creek Vet Center for boarding and then stopped at Coastal Grille for lunch. Lew started with glasses of Riesling (8.60), while I had iced tea (2.95), followed by a bowl of NE Clam Chowder (5.70). For her entrťe, Lew chose Grilled Salmon (14.90) with Potatoes au gratin. I had the Chicken Tower of Cobb (15.50). After lunch I printed our boarding passes and sent a vacation notice to Wyomissing PD. At 1420, Jim Holler arrived to give us a quote for pressure washing the house and windows, including the overhead panels in the sunroom. Heíll do the work July 9th.
Mon, Jun 17 At 0659, itís 67o and weíre in the sunroom. I replenished the bar. We spent the day watching CWS Baseball and had beef and noodles for dinner. FSU Baseball lost to Michigan 2-0 and moves into the loser bracket. At 2208, itís 70o.
Sun, Jun 16 At 0602, itís 67o on Fatherís Day. The boys came over to watch some baseball, paint, and play some computer games. Leo dropped Lydís iPad and it will need to be replaced. We had chicken picatta for dinner. At 2130, itís 69o.
Sat, Jun 15 At 0632, itís 51o on my 73rd birthday. Birthday greetings came from the boys, Pat Carley, Eana and the Chevalier, followed by a call from Linda who reports she has two full days of work remaining. In the College World Series, Michigan beat Texas Tech and FSU beat Arkansas. We had coconut shrimp for dinner. At 2330, itís 72o.
Fri, Jun 14 At 0607, itís 54o. I completed our weekly marketing and Lew postponed going to Lancaster for lunch. We went to SKDLís and played with Tess before going to 3rd and Spruce for lunch. At 1400, Frank & Robert, the electrician, came to the house to review the work that needs to be done. Weíll table the kitchen lighting until the kitchen work is scheduled, but the bulk of the rest will be started on Wednesday, the 19th. While they were here, the yard gate blew open and Buddy wandered the neighborhood until a neighbor brought him home. Patsy sent her August flights. Charlie Baron will be attending a quilt fest in Bethlehem in September and will come for a visit. I paid the Pearl Seas balance. At 2310, itís 63o.
Thu, Jun 13 At 0704, itís 58o. At 0900, we left the house for Lewís eye appointment with Dr. Campenella. He agreed that the cataract procedure is necessary and it, and ancillary appointments, have been scheduled. We tended to Tessís needs before returning home. We had a pork tenderloin for dinner with sautťed cabbage and grilled pineapple rings. At 2030, itís 62o.
Wed, Jun 12 At 0720, itís 55o. We picked up house keys from SKDL as they were leaving for a few days at the shore with Dave and Vicky Martin and their boys. Lew had a pedicure at Bell Tower Salon and Spa. In the afternoon, Rick came over and worked on the alarm system. We had Crab Norfolk for dinner, but it was not very good.
Tue, Jun 11 oAt 0642, itís 60. We went to Austinís for lunch. Following lunch, we dropped off records release forms at the Campenella Eye Center and then secured jumbo lump crab from Adelphia. At 1300, Sam and the tree crew arrived and spent over 3 hours cutting back all of the trees, as planned. At 1545, Rich, our neighbor, came over to work on the alarm.
Mon, Jun 10 At 0619, itís 58o. At 0345, I had my first appointment with Dr. White, my urologist. It went very well, with Dr. White basically telling me I have nothing to worry about. We had leftovers for dinner, and at 2320, itís 64o.
Sun, Jun 9 At 0622, itís 54o. SKDL came for games and dinner. We attempted a game of Pandemic, but were not successful. We served shrimp jambalaya and the kids left a little after 7. FSU Baseball defeated LSU 5-4 to earn a slot in the College World Series. At 2308, itís 70o.
Sat, Jun 8 At 0618, itís 58o. We watched East Carolina lose, again, to Louisville before going to Santo and Annís to join SKDL for card games and dinner. We came home in time to watch FSU Baseball defeat LSU 6-4 in game 1 of the Baton Rouge Super Regional. At 2040, itís 75o and we turned on the upstairs a/c.
Fri, Jun 7 At 0646, itís 63o. I completed our weekly marketing and Kate took us to the Wyomissing Farmersí Market, which was quite enlightening. In the afternoon, we watched Lewís East Carolina Pirates lose to Louisville. I made shrimp scampi for dinner. At 2245, itís 66o.
Thu, Jun 6 At 0616, itís 69o. We menu-planned in the morning and then went to Mission BBQ for lunch. In the afternoon, following naps, the remaining 2 card tables and chairs arrived and we ordered painting supplies, from Amazon, for the boys to use on the cardboard boxes in which the tables arrived. At 2315, itís 69o.
Wed, Jun 5 At 0714, itís 63o. Buddy saw a deer. Lyd and Kate went out to lunch and shopping. The first card table arrived and it fits under the laundry room counter as hoped. We had pork short ribs for dinner. At 2215, itís 74o.
Tue, Jun 4 At 0613, itís 51o. I arrived at Quick Clips 15 minutes after opening and was told there was a 95 minute wait. I left and will not return. I refilled the bar, the meat locker, and our seafood larder. We went to lunch at 201 West, on West Lancaster in Shillington, for the first time. We took a longer, scenic, route back to the house and saw more of Wyomissing. Most of the TV shows we enjoy have finished for the season. UCLA won the Womensí College World Series, 5-4 over Oklahoma. At 2330, itís 64o.
Mon, Jun 3 At 0630, itís 55o. A car alarm blared much of the night. We had a pizza for lunch and vermicelli puttanesca for dinner. At 2130, itís 62o.
Sun, Jun 2 At 0630, itís 62o. Buddy likes his new backyard. We had sandwiches for lunch. In the afternoon Dallas Baptist defeated Florida in the Lubbock Regional, sending them home and FSU Baseball defeated Georgia, advancing to the Baton Rouge Super Regional. We had chicken chow mien from the freezer with garden salads. At 0000, itís 62o.
Sat, Jun 1 At 0623, itís 60o. We booked the train and all dining reservations for the Broadway trip. Army was unable to send Florida home from the Lubbock Regional. We had smothered pork chops for dinner, which still werenít all that good. In the evening, FSU Baseball defeated Georgia 12-3 to advance to the championship match. At 2255, itís 66o.
Fri, May 31 At 0645, itís 63o. I completed our weekly marketing, and we had pork francaise sandwiches for lunch. We watched FSU Baseball over FAU in Game 1 of the Athens Regional, and enjoyed DBU defeating Florida in the Lubbock Regional. We had ginger beef for dinner. At 2340, itís 66o.
Thu, May 30 At 0550, itís 65o. At 0930, Lew had her first appointment at Grove Dental. Following that, we went to Masa for lunch. We came home to naps and menu planning. At 2220, itís 68o.
Wed, May 29 At 0640, itís 66o. I called Western Digital and they helped me restore the terabyte drive. Kate dropped in for a brief visit. Linda is flying to Austin to visit Becky and to see Hamilton. We had Pork Francaise for dinner, and at 2130, itís 69o.
Tue, May 28 At 0615, itís 62o, and soon began to rain. I replenished our liquor supply at FWGS. Adelphia doesnít open until 10, but I picked up pork chops at Sprechers. We went to lunch at Judyís on Cherry. The afternoon brought heavy weather including hail that rattled on the sunroom roof. When the weather cleared, we found the Magic Bands for SKDL had arrived. After Lew went to bed, I wrote to several of the proprietors at WDW about arrangements for our dinners next month, including correspondence with Debbie Sacleux at Cinderellaís Castle. At 2300, itís 69o.
Mon, May 27 At 0649, itís 64o. Cara came at 0700 and was gone at 0830. We had leftovers for lunch and Lew enjoyed the Memorial Day Concert. In the afternoon we watched 20,000 Leagues under the Seas and broiled lobster tails for dinner. At 2055. Itís 74o.
Sun, May 26 At 0555, itís 64o, bright and sunny and Iím out in the sunroom. We watched ACC Baseball and, at 1600 went over to SKDL for hot dogs and burgers, taking Sister Cities Slaw with us. Tony and Sally Donato and their kids also attended. In the evening, I watched (and recorded) The Memorial Day Concert from the west lawn of the Capitol. At 2317, itís 69o.
Sat, May 25 At 0549, itís 58o. Kate and the boys joined us to watch FSU Softball end their season losing to Oklahoma State 3-2. We had a chicken stir fry for dinner, which, once again, was hurt by the absence of corn starch. In the evening, I watched a Harry Potter, Chamber of Secrets with many scenes I had not previously seen. At 2253, itís 66o.
Fri, May 24 At 0629, itís 64o. I completed our weekly marketing. At 1030, Matt, from E.G. Smith HVAC checked out our HVAC system. Kate walked over for a visit and FSU Softball tied Oklahoma State 3-2 to force a game 3, tomorrow. We had crispy orange beef for dinner, but without corn starch. At 2310, itís 69o.
Thu, May 23 At 0608, itís 64o. Communication with Frank has Scott coming to pick up the powder room cabinet and install the mailbox. We went to lunch at GNA Ristorante. When we got home, Scott had finished the mailbox installation. During naps, the dinette chandelier arrived. At 2245, itís 71o.
Wed, May 22 At 0628, itís 50o. We had leftovers for lunch and cannelloni al funghi for dinner. At 2255, it;s 65o.
Tue, May 21 At 0611, itís 60o. I had an 0830 dental appointment at Grove Dental Group. We went to the Social Security office in Reading, and, after a 40-minute wait, applied for my replacement social security card. We stopped at Wendyís on the way home to secure a pair of double cheese burgers. Naps followed. FSU Baseball lost to Wake Forest 7-4 to kill any chance at the ACC Tournament. At 2250, itís 63.
Mon, May 20 At 0605, itís 67o. I spoke with EG Smith about A/C maintenance and new thermostats, ordered more stuff from Amazon; ordered a chandelier for the dinette and opened a dialogue on converting to natural gas. At 1710, Sam, Seanís tree guy, came and walked the yard looking at the trees that need to be cut back. An estimate will be given to Sean who will give it to us; aiming for mid-June. We had shrimp Newberg and roasted asparagus for dinner. At 2255, itís 73o.
Sun, May 19 At 0559, itís 62o. I hung the shipís clock and unpacking continued. We had leftovers for lunch and FSU Softball won the Tallahassee Regional Tournament; will host the Super Regional next weekend. FSU Baseball is the #6 seed in the ACC Tournament that starts Tuesday in Durham, NC. We enjoyed linguini, meatballs and Lydís red sauce for dinner with more of the Cobb Salad. In the evening, after Lyd and Buddy went up to bed, I enjoyed heavy weather in the conservatory; quite delightful. At 2205, itís 68o and still raining.
Sat, May 18 At 0633, itís 62o. Sean from Express Lawn came to learn the work we want done in the yard. FSU Softball beat USF to advance to the Regional Final on Sunday, but FSU Baseball lost to Louisville. I made a Cobb Salad for dinner. At 2255, itís 67o.
Fri, May 17 At 0634, itís 61o. I completed our Weekly marketing. In the afternoon, Lew went to lunch with Kate, Megan and Meganís Mom, Therese. We had steaks for dinner and FSU Softball won their first match of the NCAA Regional against Bethune Cookman and FSU Baseball was also successful. I sent the Homeland Security form to ACL. At 2130, itís 69o.
Thu, May 16 At 0530, itís 54o. I secured Pennsylvania Auto insurance and Express Lawn serviced the yard. We went to Chatty Monk for lunch. After naps, we went to Dominicís school concert at the high school. A member of the 4th grade chorus, he surprised everybody doing a solo of a square dance chant during one of the chorus numbers. We came home to the series finale of the Big Bang Theory and the season finale of Young Sheldon. At 2208, itís 64o.
Wed, May 15 At 0701, itís 49o. Lew unpacked much of the dungeon. I made a dental appointment and had records sent from Salisbury. Gus sent two guys to repair the living room rug; great job. I called the auto license folks, but they said I need driversí licenses and PA auto insurance first. I called the driverís license folks and they said we need original social security cards, which I havenít seen in years. I called the SSA office, but theyíre closed on Wednesday afternoons. Kate came and she and Lew made some decisions about picture hanging. A neighbor, Bob Guay, dropped off a welcoming bottle of Chardonnay. We had Cocquille St. Jacque for dinner. At 2255, itís 59o.
Tue, May 14 At 0610, itís 50o with more rain in the forecast. I had a haircut from Sandi at Great Clips followed by purchase of scotch and bourbon. We went to Say Cheese for lunch. In the afternoon, our Nuts order arrived as did the bulk of the Loweís order. At 2322, itís 48o.
Mon, May 13 At 0720, itís 45o. Lew did more unpacking I took my afternoon nap in the sunroom during the rain. We had beef Stroganov for dinner. At 2110, itís 51.
Sun, May 12 At 0620, itís 52o and raining on Mothersí Day. We spent the morning in the sunroom ordering from Nuts, 1000 Bulbs, Lowes and Bed Bath and Beyond. While the rains continued, we picked up a pretzel tray and went to a Mothersí Day celebration at SKDL. With the rains finally finishing, FSU Softball received a selection to host an NCAA Regional Tournament next weekend. At 2200, itís 49o.
Sat, May 11 At 0620, itís 57o. We completed flights and ADR for our November WDW trip and rented a scooter for the June trip. I attended Leoís baseball game at Berkshire Playground, and he and Kate came for a visit while I finished the snow crab while watching FSU Softball take the ACC Tournament Title. FSU Baseball was also successful and we had honey pecan chicken for dinner. There was more rain in the afternoon, and, at 2300, itís 56o.
Fri, May 10 At 0622, itís 62o. I completed our weekly marketing. In the afternoon, Gus, Frank and Yaz measured and discussed Project #2, the family room shelves and the master bath renovation. We had filet mignons (a bit tough) with scalloped potatoes, broccoli and mushrooms for dinner. At 2255, itís 68o.
Thu, May 9 oAt 0555, itís 58. We menu planned and continued unpacking before going to lunch at Masa where we sat at the sushi counter. From there, we drove to Adlephia where we bought shrimp, jumbo lump crab, Sea Scallops and two cold water tails.
Wed, May 8 At 0550, itís 61. I changed our SilverScript Insurance from MD to PA and left a message for Sean at Lawn Express to come for a consult. Kate came over to putter. I called Riverview Nursery about the pond/fountain and we will demolish it. Scott and Frank came at 1410; Frank to consult; and Scott to clean the gutters until 1730. We had snow crab legs for dinner, and, in the evening, I worked on the annual transition pages for CPOS. At 2250, itís 63.
Tue, May 7 At 0613, itís 57o. We had originally planned on lunch at Chatty Monk, but theyíre not open for lunch on Tuesdays, so we opted, instead, for Coastal Grille After lunch, we stopped by the office of Dr. White, Urologist, and picked up a new patient packet. Frank called and we discussed the current and future projects. At 2245, itís 68o.
Mon, May 6 At 0630, itís 54o. While Lew unpacked some of the basement, I did a substantial marketing visit to Giant. We had pork sandwiches for lunch and chicken imperial for dinner. I ordered Furosemide for Buddy. At 2300, itís bed time.
Sun, May 5 At 0605, itís 51o and raining. Lew unpacked a load of the master bedroom and the sun porch. FSU Baseball took a double header from Pitt and the FSU Softball ACC bracket was released. We had a pork tenderloin for dinner. I ordered foie gras.
Sat, May 4 At 0545, itís 58o and the unpacking has begun. Kate and Leo helped some, and we went back to their house for NY strips for dinner. We got home just in time to watch the 145th Kentucky Derby and the disqualification of Maximum Security. At 2130, itís 69o and raining, again.
Fri, May 3 At 0555, itís 53o. Just before 8, we left SKDLís and went to the house, where the moving vans had just arrived. For the next 4 hours, with Kate helping in supervision, the 6 men unloaded the two trucks into 1860 Reading Blvd. Kate and Lew then went out to retrieve Buddy from the kennel and began unpacking. We had a pizza for dinner and put D14L10 in the front door. At 2155, itís 61o and raining.
Thu, May 2 At 0545, itís 54o at SKDLís house in Wyomissing, PA, our new home. We took Buddy to Dr. Jamie Moran, DVM, where he will spend the night. We also put in our request for medical boarding for WDW in June and ACL in August. ACL called to report our payment check was too large and I referred them to Patsyís account as well. By 1600, we were back at SKDL. Kate and Sal served soft tacos for dinner. At 2105, itís 77.
Wed, May 1 At 0600, itís 59o in Salisbury. At 0800, Bates Movers arrived for the loadout. Cindy Zhang brought a bracelet and necklace for Lew, and plenty of hugs. We finally reached SKDL at 1830 after stopping at the new house. She gave us hearty bowls of tortellini soup before taking Lew back to the house for the night. At 2105, itís 57 in Wyomissing.
Tue, Apr 30 At 0608, itís 56o. Aaron, from Bates Moving, arrived at 0746 to pack and inventory. Greg and Karen came for a farewell visit, as did Lydell Madden. We went to Sakura for dinner. At 2100, itís 69.
Mon, Apr 29 At 0628, itís 49o. We continued packing and went to the offices of Gil Allen to pre-sign the papers to sell the Salisbury house. Jenn came over for a final visit and I secured fried chicken from Royal Farms for our dinner. At 2100, itís 55o.
Sun, Apr 28 At 0611, itís 57o. Lew went to her last visit to Forest Grove Church. We had portobello mushroom soup for lunch and boiled shrimp for dinner and caught up with our DVR shows. I brought up Downton Abbey on Amazon Prime. At 2130, itís 60o.
Sat, Apr 27 At 0705, itís 55o. We laid about the house and watched DVR shows. We had leftovers for lunch and tuna salad and lima beans for dinner. Buddy had a coughing spell that alarmed Lew after they had both gone to bed, and they both came back down stairs for a while. At 2314, itís 61o and all have gone back to bed.
Fri, Apr 26 At 0648, itís 58o and overcast. I did the last shopping trip to ACME. We continued packing and I confirmed Caraís cleaning schedule and arrangements with Kate and spoke with Bill Von Paris, Jr, at Bates who confirmed receipt of our check. They will send two trucks and want the Altima to load at Benny Street on Tuesday. I paid the balance on the ACL Mississippi Cruise for August. We had roasted chicken breasts for dinner. At 2246, itís 58o and raining.
Thu, Apr 25 At 0616, itís 60o. Lew had her final Maryland pedicure. We secured additional boxes from the Liquor store and then went to Sakura for lunch. A flurry of emails finally established the pre-signing for the closure at 4 on Monday at Nancyís attorneysí office. She and her painter arrived at 4 to determine the painting she wants done. Frank called from Omega Builders with the quote for the flooring, kitchen cabinet raising, powder room cabinet repair and living room fireplace. At 2100, it 61o.
Wed, Apr 24 At 0645, itís 63o. Lew had her last hair cut with Diane. We had leftovers for lunch and for dinner as the freezer clean-out continues. Both FSU Baseball and FSU Softball were victorious, and Cutting Crew had its last visit. At 2255, itís 62o.
Tue, Apr 23 At 0639, itís 53o. I had a haircut and learned that Laurieís will close at the end of the month and Diane will retire. I secured booze and another packing box and Lew began the packing of the kitchen. We went to EVO for lunch. Our ACL cruise packet for August finally arrived. At 2252, itís 65o.
Mon, Apr 22 At 0610, itís 54o in Wyomissing.
Sun, Apr 21 At 0630, itís 55o in Wyomissing.
Sat, Apr 20 At 0630, itís 65o in Wyomissing.
Fri, Apr 19 At 0540, itís 66o in Wyomissing.
Thu, Apr 18 At 0633, itís 53o in Wyomissing.
Wed, Apr 17 At 0530, itís 66o and weíre all up, headed for Wyomissing.
Tue, Apr 16 At 0611, itís 47o. We went to lunch at Irish Penny, We got home to an email from Bates Moving and Storage and I ordered the check for their services. We both had naps and then loaded the car with all of our art work for transport to PA. At 2117, itís 58o.
Mon, Apr 15 Around 0300, with windows open, the tornado alarms at the college awakened us. Buddy was trembling, and we trimmed the windows before the heavy rains came. At 0692, itís 63o At 0750, Gail called from Merrill Lynch and we wired the money to Wyomissing for Thursdayís closing. We had red beans and rice for lunch and, after naps, a chicken and gravy concoction for dinner. FSU Softball dropped two to North Carolina. At 2305, it's 50o
Sun, Apr 14 The travel day after the CAC at Disney World.
Sat, Apr 13 The final competition day at the CAC at Disney World.
Fri, Apr 12 The second competition day at the CAC at Disney World.
Thu, Apr 11 The first competition day at the CAC at Disney World.
Wed, Apr 10 The Dreaded Day at the CAC at Disney World.
Tue, Apr 9 I am headed for the CAC at Disney World.
Mon, Apr 8 At 0650, itís 61o, rising to the 80ís. Dr. Jamie Moran, DVM called and will assume Buddyís care and boarding. We have an appointment on May 2 at 0940 for an introduction and workup and sheíll keep him until the movers are done on Friday. We had leftovers for dinner, and at 2000, itís 65o and raining and we are open.
Sun, Apr 7 At 0620, itís 41o. Lew went to church and dropped off shoes at Goodwill. Welshtlc is still blocked. We watched FSU Baseball defeat Miami to avoid the sweep and watched Mary Poppins Returns. At 2030, itís 63o.
Sat, Apr 6 At 0640, itís 51o and foggy. I completed our weekly marketing. An email from Donna reports the buyer is not asking for anything to be done in house repair. We watched FSU Softball split a double header with Louisville and FSU Baseball shut out for the 2nd game in a row. We had steaks for dinner. At 2300, itís 56o.
Fri, Apr 5 At 0637, itís 50o. I had an eye appointment with Dr. Tu. I restarted the pursuit of the inability to connect to Lisa sent the question sets. Tomgolian Chicken BBQ for dinner. At 2135, itís 55o.
Thu, Apr 4 At 0623, itís 43o. I canít access our website killed the whole damn day trying to fix the problem with endless finger-pointing dominating the discussion. We took Elaine to lunch at Goiní Nuts. At 1800, DVC canceled the Star Wars event on April 10th. Lisa sent the name badge file. At 2030, itís 56o.
Wed, Apr 3 At 0637, itís 40o. Lew made Lemon Squares for Easter, at Leoís request. Orkin came and serviced the house. We had Lewís burger and I had a chicken sandwich for lunch. Lew made a chicken pot pie for dinner. In the evening, FSU Softball beat Florida 2-0. At 2200, itís 55o.
Tue, Apr 2 At 0735, itís 34o. I had a haircut. We gassed up the Rogue and went to EVO for lunch. In the evening, FSU Baseball dropped another one to JU. At 2258, itís 46o.
Mon, Apr 1 At 0636, itís 34o. More packing occurred. Nancy's home inspector, Gary, inspected the house. We had a pizza for dinner. At 2130, itís 47o.
Sun, Mar 31 At 0626, itís 60o. I tried to change a flood light over the fireplace and broke the bulb. Lew went to church. We watched FSU Softball and FSU Baseball in the afternoon followed by Orioles Baseball, with Barber Chicken Kiev for dinner. At 2030, itís 48o.
Sat, Mar 30 At 0648, itís 52o. I completed our weekly marketing and we watched Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. In the afternoon. We watched wins by both FSU Softball and FSU Baseball. We had pasta and red sauce for dinner with garlic bread on the side. At 2205, itís 63o.
Fri, Mar 29 At 0747, itís 51o. We menu-planned, but I elected to delay the marketing until Saturday morning. In the afternoon, we watched a newly acquired Bohemian Rhapsody and then watched FSU Softball and FSU Baseball and had Kung Pao pork for dinner. At 2210, itís 57o.
Thu, Mar 28 At 0709, itís 31o. Dani at Impact Technology called to send techs to the house this afternoon to fix the missing admin password problem. We drove out to Bates Moving and Storage and secure more boxes, including wardrobes. We went to lunch at Sakura. We came home to brief naps and two techies from Impact Technology reset the admin password on the surveillance system. In the evening, we actually watched FSU Basketball lose to Gonzaga 72-58 in the Sweet 16 of March Madness. At 2250, itís 48o. .
Wed, Mar 27 At 0652, itís 32o. Lew had a haircut and I called Linda. An email from Disney pointed me to register for the Star Wars Galactic Experience on April 10. I also booked a scooter for CAC. At 2320, itís 37o.
Tue, Mar 26 At 0651, itís 43o. I recorded Habits of Devotion for DPR. We had lunch at Fratelliís. In the evening, we watched a newly-acquired Mary Poppins Returns while FSU Baseball lost, again, to Florida 4-2 at the Baseball Grounds in Jacksonville. At 2245, itís 37o.
Mon, Mar 25 At 0720, itís 50o. We planned the remaining packing projects, scheduling each. An inspection is scheduled for April 1 at 1430. We had oil-poached tilapia with pesto pasta and pesto tomatoes for dinner. At 2300, itís 47o.
Sun, Mar 24 At 0737, itís 32o. Lew went to church. We had biscuits, foie gras and bacon for lunch and then watched FSU Softball and FSU Baseball, followed by Giant. We had red beans, rice, and corn for dinner. At 2300, itís 50o.
Sat, Mar 23 At 0613, itís 37o. We have a buyer for #224. FSU Softball beat NC State, and FSU Baseball split a double-header with Notre Dame. We had citrus chicken breasts with citrus rice for dinner. In March Madness, FSU advanced to Round 3, and Florida was eliminated. At 2255, itís 43o.
Fri, Mar 22 At 0654, itís 44o and rained all night. I completed our weekly marketing, while Lew packed in the dungeon, encountering several mice. She then packed all the DVDs and we had lentil soup for lunch. In the afternoon, we watched Dirty Rotten Scoundrels on Amazon Prime, as the rest of our movies were packed, and enjoyed a Torchon. We had seared salmon, baked potatoes and roasted asparagus for dinner. At 2030, itís 43o.
Thu, Mar 21 At 0710, itís 48o and raining. We menu planned, projecting everything in the freezer to be either consumed or discarded by the time we move at the end of April. With the rain, we elected to skip lunch out and Lew returned to the packing in the dungeon. We boiled a pound of shrimp for dinner. At 2120, itís 53o.
Wed, Mar 20 At 0711, itís 31o. Lew had a pedicure and then spent more time in the dungeon, packing. Cutting Crew serviced the yard in the afternoon and Tomís new suspenders arrived. FSU Baseball and Softball were both winners and we had sausage skillet and corn salad for dinner. With the Vernal Equinox tonight, thereís a lot of rain in the forecast for tomorrow and, at 2330, itís 47o.
Tue, Mar 19 At 0616, itís 32o and foggy. Jean sent the final accounting for Margaretís estate and the invoice for lawyerís fees. Lew signed the appropriate pages and we put them in the mail, eager to be done with this. We went to lunch at Brew River. We came home to DVR shows. Buddy and Lew went up at 2000. FSU Softball defeated FAMU 8-0, but FSU Baseball lost to UCF, 9-7. At 2323, itís 37o.
Mon, Mar 18 At 0700, itís 36o. Buddy got his monthly meds and we did an initial placement, on paper, of our furniture in the new house. Jen Jordan visited, picking up the UPS-delivery we had secured, at her request, from her front step. We had leftover Osso Bucco for dinner. At 2205, itís 37o.
Sun, Mar 17 At 0625, itís 34o. Lew went to church and I captured images of the dungeon contents. At 1300, Nancy, her mom ďWheezieĒ and her daughter, sister and BFF toured the house for a 2nd time, staying for more than a hour; looks promising. FSU Baseball and Softball were both victorious and we had corned beef, red potatoes and Brussel's sprouts for dinner. In the evening, we watched Hawaii, recorded from TCM. At 2100, itís 42o.
Sat, Mar 16 At 0614, itís 49o. We watched DVR shows and had potato leek soup for lunch. In the afternoon, I watched FSU Softball lose to Notre Dame 7-4. After a dinner of Kung Pao Pork, we watched FSU Baseball lose to NC State 9-8. At 2245, itís 45o.
Fri, Mar 15 At 0711, itís 62o and weíre open, I completed our weekly marketing in a light rain. We had chicken sandwiches for lunch, followed by naps. We had Chicken Chow Mein for dinner and I watched FSU be humiliated by NC State 16-0. The thunderstorm started at 2030 and Buddy came back down to be protected. At 2230, itís 65o, but Buddy didn't come back up until later.
Thu, Mar 14 At 0740, itís 45o and the left lens of my glasses popped out. Utilizing my back-up glasses, I repaired them. I e-filed both our Federal and Maryland income tax returns and we menu planned. We went to Chuar for lunch. We had naps in the afternoon. At 2200, itís 60o, and weíre open.
Wed, Mar 13 At 0736, itís 30o. We had Zuppa for lunch and watched DVR shows. The Home Ownerís Insurance papers were docu-signed and we boiled shrimp cocktails for dinner. At 2300, itís 45o.
Tue, Mar 12 At 0631, itís 41o. I had a haircut and topped off the liquor cabinet. We went to Irish Penny for lunch. Avery Hall sent the quote for the Wyomissing home insurance, which we accepted. Vic sent the Marvic K-1 and opened a discussion of what should be the distribution, this year, to cover the taxes. I watched FSU Baseball lose to the hated Gators, again, 20-7. At 2205, itís 35o.
Mon, Mar 11 At 0625, itís 45o. From 1000 to 1030, Bill Merriam called and we discussed the portfolio and the proper handling of the closing of 1860. From 1240-1500, Dunn Roofing repaired the shingled roof. Several emails were exchanged with Vic & Jean about finishing Margaretís estate probate. We had leftover pot roast and gravy over mashed potatoes for dinner. At 2250, itís 45o.
Sun, Mar 10 At 0738, EDT, itís 49o. We drove out to Weeping Willow to secure Buddy and learned that Banner Madden had died of a burst growth on his spleen while at the kennel. Lidell came for a visit to discuss the loss. We watched DVR shows in the afternoon and had Chicken Tetrazzini and Butternut Squash for dinner. At 2336, itís 51o.
Sat, Mar 09 At 0626, itís 59o at Bay Lake Tower, and we're headed for home.
Fri, Mar 08 At 0652, itís 54o at Bay Lake Tower, and we're headed for EPCOT.
Thu, Mar 07 At 0640, itís 46o at Bay Lake Tower, and we will not see any park, again, today.
Wed, Mar 06 At 0700, itís 43o at Bay Lake Tower and weíre not going anywhere!
Tue, Mar 05 At 0631, itís 60o at Walt Disney World and weíre headed for Hollywood Studios.
Mon, Mar 04 At 0430, itís 37o. and we're headed for Walt Disney World and our Spring Vacation.
Sun, Mar 03 At 0715, itís 39o and we are cautiously optimistic about tomorrowís flight to WDW as PHL has a forecast for several inches of snow overnight. A 2nd showing has been booked for the 17th. We had leftover Chicken Enchildas and corn salad for dinner and watched Marooned. At 1930, itís 41o.
Sat, Mar 02 At 0613, itís 37o. I booked our flights for the August Mississippi cruise. At 1135, one of the Dunn Roofers showed up, with his family, to work on the roof until 1315. Following naps, we watched Cinderella and Lincoln. The Sunday night/Monday morning weather forecast in Philadelphia is deteriorating making the WDW flights questionable. At 2245, itís 37o.
Fri, Mar 01 At 0632, itís 35o with some snow, sleet and rain in the night. We removed the packing materials from the Rogue and I completed our weekly marketing. A call from Bill Merriamís office set up a portfolio review phone call for March 11 at 1000. We had restaurant leftovers for lunch and seared Salmon for dinner. By 2000, it was raining steadily. I watched FSU Baseball defeat Mercer 9-5. At 2310, itís 39o.
Thu, Feb 28 At 0655, itís 39o and most of my cold symptoms are gone. Lew continued cleaning and packing. At 0910, the roofers arrived and began work on the flat roof. We drove over to the accountant and picked up Margaretís fiduciary tax returns. We picked up additional boxes at Bates and then went to lunch at Sakura. . We came home to naps. I mailed Margaretís tax returns and notified Vic. The roofers left at 1750, promising to return tomorrow. At 2110, itís 38o.
Wed, Feb 27 At 0705, itís 34o and my cold is, mostly, gone. Lew had a haircut. We were expecting Dunn Contractors, but they didnít show and finally called to say they were coming tomorrow, instead. Lew packed a few more boxes. Communication with Patsy drops the August cruise back to just the cruise as she wonít be coming to Wyomissing. Lisa Tiger called to tell us we are, actually, buying two parcels that make up the lot. We made Osso Bucco for dinner. At 2100, itís 41o.
Tue, Feb 26 At 0627, itís 31o. I booked hotels in Portland and Quebec City and booked the flights for the Pearl Seas Cruise. We went to lunch at Ruby Tuesday. I sent an elaborate proposal to Patsy for the August cruise, and while I napped, Jenn Jordan dropped by for a visit. We enjoyed Jeopardy All Stars. At 2310, itís 38o.
Mon, Feb 25 At 0724, itís 42o and windy. My cold is in my nose. I left a message for Dunn contracting and they called at 1220 and said they would be here on Wednesday and Thursday. The Morgan Stanley 1099 for Margaretís personal account came and I finished her 1040 and sent it to Charlie Meenehan for verification. We had Flounder Francese for dinner with wilted spinach. I sent an email to the Landscaping crew in Wyomissing asking for a quote and researched our elected officials in Wyomissing. At 2315, itís 38o.
Sun, Feb 24 At 0612, itís 42o with a steady rain. Lew went to church while my cold moved from my chest to my nose, causing me to cancel out of the CPOS Production Meeting. We watched The Ten Commandments; My Fair Lady and 1776, the last two on TCM. Lew made Sunday Cube Steak for dinner, but I just wanted broccoli. At 1945, itís 52o.
Sat, Feb 23 At 0651, itís 40o. I completed our weekly marketing and we had leftovers for lunch. The house was shown to two women. We had pork spare ribs for dinner as my cold deteriorates. At 1930, itís 41o.
Fri, Feb 22 At 0654, itís 42o. Lew had a pedicure and Brasureís Carpet Care returned the two rugs that had been cleaned and repaired. Lew packed several more boxes. M&T has no 1099 for Margaret and Morgan Stanley is sending personal tax statement. Millie sent the comment cards from the Realtorsí tour, which, predictably, said the price was too high. We had Crab Imperial, baked beans and corn muffins for dinner. At 2341, itís 43o.
Thu, Feb 21 At 0626, itís 38o. I arranged for Comcast and water/sewer at the new house and for Comcast disconnect in Salisbury. We went to Goiní Nuts for lunch with Elaine Laws. After lunch, we took Elaine to the bank on the way back to Mallard Landing. Emails from Wyomissing fixed the closing at 1000 on 4/18. We spent the afternoon catching up on DVR shows from earlier in the week. An email from Lisa Rawls reports the death of Joel Iles, probably from throat cancer. At 2155, itís 43o.
Wed, Feb 20 At 0645, itís 35o and the snow flurries, expected overnight, have just begun. I reached Clint Dunn and he says weíre not forgotten. I arranged for home ownerís insurance at 1860. The snow changed to rain around noon. We had leftovers for lunch and red beans and rice for dinner. At 2300, itís 44o
Tue, Feb 19 At 0707, itís 31o. I had a haircut and then left messages for Dunn Roofers. A tour by realtors welcomed over 30 local agents to tour the Salisbury house. We went to Soboís for lunch. We came home to naps and had fried chicken from the freezer for dinner. At 2300, itís 36o with an expectation of snow
Mon, Feb 18 At 0704, itís 43o and weíre re-assembling the house. We had weekend leftovers for both lunch and dinner, while enjoying the Sunday shows on the DVR. An email from Lisa, in Wyomissing, confirms the 1860 house is ours, on April 18th. Email to Patsy. At 2230. Itís 39o.
Sun, Feb 17 At 0701, itís 46o and SKDL are here for the weekend. We watched FSU baseball and softball the rest of the afternoon and then finished out our Friday night recorded shows. At 2306, itís 39o.
Sat, Feb 16 At 0603, itís 46o on Lewís 70th birthday and SKDL are here for the weekend.
Fri, Feb 15 At 0655, itís 50o. I completed our weekly marketing and we had fried chicken from the freezer for lunch and filet mignons for dinner. SKDL arrived at 2048 after an uneventful drive and at 2250, itís 57o.
Thu, Feb 14 At 0638, itís 31o on Valentine's Day. We drove down to How Sweet It Is and purchased Ĺ peck of oysters and a half dozen bottles of wine. Lew baked a Newman pizza for lunch and Greg and Karen brought her parents to look at the house. At 1539, a couple looked at the house. Sheís a new faculty member at SU. We watched Star Trek First Contact. Our Valentineís Day dinner was a lobster cocktail and a bottle of Andre Blush. At 2108, itís 45o.
Wed, Feb 13 At 0645, itís 40o. Lew packed more of the dining room. Barb Wygal came and Buddy is 45 lbs. She brought more meds and we discussed Jamie Moran DVM in Reading. I drove out to DMRRC and collected the White Pass and Yukon RR train. We made Andouille Skillet for dinner with a salad. At 2130, itís 37o.
Tue, Feb 12 At 0629, itís 39o and raining. Lew continued packing Lindaís china. We went to lunch at Irish Penny. At 1830, Jerry and Linda called and we talked future plans. At 2310, itís 46o.
Mon, Feb 11 At 0636, itís 34o and raining. We watched Star Trek Generations and had veggie beef soup for lunch. Cato Gas replaced the receiver and transmitter for the family room fireplace. We had pot roast and gravy over garlic mashed potatoes for dinner. At 2248, itís 36o.
Sun, Feb 10 At 0617, itís 22o. Lew skipped church; packing instead. Lynda Marks sent the estimate for repairs to 1860 and I asked for recommendations. At 1300 there was a showing of #224 Lisaís associate called to discuss the repair estimate. We had Chicken Enchiladas and Black beans for dinner. At 2055, itís 38o.
Sat, Feb 9 At 0619, itís 32o. Lew made Chicken Enchiladas for next week and packed the library. We had chicken salad for lunch and crab cakes for dinner. At 2024, itís 30o.
Fri, Feb 8 At 0609, itís 47o. I completed our weekly marketing. Brasureís secured two area rugs for cleaning and repair. I picked up KFC for lunch while Lew stewed a large chicken for future dinners. I made scallop scampi for dinner with fordhook limas. At 2255, itís 42o.
Thu, Feb 7 At 0625, itís 52o. We both had routine appointments with Dr. Mehta. We went to Sakura for lunch. We had three showings of the house. At 2107, itís 46o.
Wed, Feb 6 At 0608, itís 44o. Lew had a haircut and I called Linda and we talked about their Charlotte house. We had oil poached flounder for dinner, and at 2110, itís 54o.
Tue, Feb 5 At 0624, itís 35o. We secured a large load of empty boxes from Bates Moving and Storage and then went to lunch at Fratelliís. After lunch, we secured turnip greens for Kate from Daytons and came home to naps. At 1515, Long and Foster put the ďFor SaleĒ sign in the yard. We finished lunch leftovers for dinner, with another bottle of 19 Crimes. Lisa reports the home inspection of 1860 Reading was completed. At 2021, itís 51o, and we skipped the State of The Union speech..
Mon, Feb 4 At 0649, itís 33o. I went to the liquor store and Lew made a hot milk sponge cake. We lazied around the house and Cutting Crew mulched the yard. Donna Malone and her son, Scott, took additional pictures of the house, including the family room and kitchen. We had leftover Chicken Marengo for dinner. At 2100, itís 45o.
Sun, Feb 3 At 0630, itís 28o. Lew went to church. We had crab dip and fritos for lunch and watched Super Bowl coverage all afternoon except for a few shows on the DVR from Friday. I made Philly Cheese Steaks for dinner, served with onion rings and baked crinkle cut potatoes. We watched New England defeat Los Angeles 13-3, and at 2230, itís 39o.
Sat, Feb 2 At 0609, itís 16o. A check of our cameras shows Jen clearing our sidewalk last night. I have vetoed our attendance at the CPOS presentation of The Dining Table. We had zuppa Toscana for lunch and watched recorded TV shows. I steamed snow crab legs for dinner served with Vegetable Beef Soup. At 2210, itís 30o.
Fri, Feb 1 At 0653, itís 22o. I completed our weekly marketing and we made a batch of Zuppa Toscana for lunch and for the freezer. I booked Mears transportation to and from MCO for March, April and June. It started snowing around 1300 and we got about an inch and fried sweet potato slices and sweet onion straws for dinner. At 2150, itís 22o.
Thu, Jan 31 At 0601, itís 14o. We elected to postpone lunch out to another day. We had Barber Cordon Bleu and corn salad for dinner. My ACL suspenders arrived. At 2103, itís 19o.
Wed, Jan 30 At 0629, itís 25o. Millie sent a photographer to shoot exteriors and Bill Von Paris came from Bate Moving and Storage to walk the house and prepare the estimate for the May move. My hotel reservation for CAC arrived. Donna and her son, Scott took pictures of the interior. At 2020, itís 22o.
Tue, Jan 29 At 0636, itís 29o. I had a haircut and picked up prescriptions at CVS. We had a key made for the front door, had the directional signal installed on the Altima and went to Market Street Inn for lunch. At 2025, itís 39o.
Mon, Jan 28 At 0633, itís 36o. I had a podiatrist appointment and cancelled our dermatologist appointments for November and my dental cleaning in June. Millie and Donna brought the papers for listing the house. We had chicken enchiladas for dinner. At 2303, itís 29o.
Sun, Jan 27 At 0658, itís 31o. Lew went to church. I resigned from DMRRC and killed the SBY/PHL flights for Juneís WDW trip. We watched a small portion of the Pro-Bowl before turning it off. Our Girl Scout cookies arrived and we had leftover tenderloin with mashed potatoes, broccoli and mushrooms for dinner. At 2025, itís 44o.
Sat, Jan 26 At 0613, itís 26o. I completed our weekly marketing. We had ham sliders for lunch and a leftover stir-fry with seafood chowder for dinner. In the evening, I watched M*A*S*H. At 2205, itís 32o.
Fri, Jan 25 At 0706, itís 33o. A counter offer came overnight and we sent an email of acceptance. Kate will schedule Gus for 4/19 and we sent the deposit to the sellerís agent to purchase 1860 Reading Blvd in Wyomissing, PA. We had chicken paprika and succotash for dinner, and at 2221, itís 31o.
Thu, Jan 24 At 0640, itís 58o and raining. Lisa called at 10 and we made an offer for 1860 Reading Blvd. Clint Dunn called soon thereafter to schedule the remaining roof replacement. We went to lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse. After lunch, still raining, we went to Pohanka Nissan and picked up Lewís Altima in for a 30K service. Millie Capello, of Long and Foster, came with her daughter, Donna, and toured the house. They will return to list the house for sale. At 2043, itís 39o.
Wed, Jan 23 At 0651, itís 29o. We used the leftover lobster and flounder from Red Lobster to make seafood salad sandwiches. Lisa sent us papers for 1860 Reading to review and we had chicken cordon bleu and stewed tomatoes for dinner. At 7, Lisa called and we discussed the 8 documents and how to fill them out. Sheíll send the finished documents in the morning and weíll discuss what price we will offer. At 0000, itís 57o.
Tue, Jan 22 At 0611, itís 17o. We called Bates Moving and Storage and sent an email to a realtor, who will meet with us on Thursday. We dropped the Altima off at Pohanka Nissan for a 30K service and then dumped a load of unwanted electronics at Best Buy. We went to lunch at Red Lobster. We came home to naps and Edna picked up a load of unwanted stuff. With Girl Scout cookies on the horizon, I contacted a local scout to secure this yearís cookie order. At 2200, itís 28o.
Mon, Jan 21 At 0740, itís 16o and windy. We had a pizza for lunch and Beef bourguignon and portobello mushroom soup for dinner. At 2120, itís 20o.
Sun, Jan 20 At 0607, itís 55o with a heavy rain. Lew went to church and we had the rest of our sub sandwiches for lunch. We watched the Rams beat the Saints, 26-23 and had leftover Hibachi Shrimp and Gen Tso sugar snap peas for dinner and then watched the Patriots beat the Chiefs 37-31. At 2215, itís 25o and windy.
Sat, Jan 19 At 1623, itís 33o. We inventoried the loft and decided on what would be thrown away and what would be donated. Kate and Lisa Tiger took a walking tour of 1860 Reading Blvd. Kate reported Corvita is in the hospital with anemia. We watched Star Trek 3 in the afternoon and had veal francaise and French onion soup for dinner. Edna called and will come Monday evening for stuff. At 2015, itís 45o.
Fri, Jan 18 At 0659, itís 36o. I completed our weekly marketing and we cleaned out the fridge for lunch. In the afternoon we watched DVR shows and had shrimp jambalaya, couscous and roasted veggies for dinner. At 2030, itís 37o.
Thu, Jan 17 At 0650, itís 28o. Buddy got his nails clipped. We elected not to go out for lunch and augmented a pizza from the dungeon freezer. In an email from Lisa Tiger, we learned 138 Deborah was gone. We had filet mignons for dinner with death potatoes, Fordhook lima beans and mushrooms. At 2115, itís 36o.
Wed, Jan 16 At 0623, itís 25o. We called Cathyís Pet Salon to take Buddy in for a nail trim, but they did not return the call. We opened a dialogue with Lisa Tiger, a Realtor Kate found in Wyomissing, and examined the pictures of several houses. We had Shepherdís Pie and creamed onions for dinner. At 2246, itís 31o.
Tue, Jan 15 At 0631, itís 21o, and Buddyís nail trim will be postponed. We elected not to go out for lunch and depleted some of the leftovers in the fridge. We had Bubba Burgers, shoestring potatoes and Amish Slaw for dinner. At 2215, itís 28o.
Mon, Jan 14 At 0648, itís 29o and we got a dusting of snow overnight; not slippery. At noon, the city took our Christmas Tree from the curb. Linda sent new drawings of their house. At 2220, itís 25o.
Sun, Jan 13 At 0705, itís 32o with 2Ē of snow and still snowing, but only for about an hour more. Lew skipped church and I skipped the DMRRC Open House. We watched Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again before switching to the Chargers losing to New England and then the Eagles losing to New Orleans. We had lamb albondiga for dinner. At 2130, itís 32o.
Sat, Jan 12 At 0643, itís 27o with a forecast of 4-7Ē of snow over the weekend. I elected to skip the DMRRC Open House and Lew sent an email to Elbert that she wouldnít be in church tomorrow either. We watched recorded shows in the after noon before the Colts v Eagles NFL playoff game. At 1930, we had a steady snow. At 2045, itís 32o.
Fri, Jan 11 At 0620, itís 28o. I completed our weekly marketing. We snacked for lunch and had Pork Francaise and shoe string potatoes for dinner. At 2102, itís 29o.
Thu, Jan 10 At 0554, itís 32o. We went to Brew River for a lobster lunch. We came home to naps and had Cream of Salmon Soup and Grilled Cheese for dinner. At 2244, itís 31o.
Wed, Jan 9 At 0723, itís 45o with snow forecast for Saturday night. Lew had a haircut. I chatted with Linda, and Lisa sent the CAC 2019 parameters. Liddell dropped off her contact information. I made beef egg foo young, but forgot the beef. At 2118, itís 38o.
Tue, Jan 8 At 0621, itís 40o. I had a haircut and we went to lunch at EVO. We watched recorded shows from Sunday before switching to Star Trek Voyager on BBC America. We had cheese and crackers for a light dinner. In the evening, I watched President Trump address the nation followed by Democrat lies and distortions. I wrote to both US Senators from Maryland, but nothing will come of it. At 2322, itís 57o.
Mon, Jan 7 At 0633, itís 34o. The wreaths came off the library roof, finishing the removal of the Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree went to the curb. Following a dinner of leftover Chicken Tettrazini, I watched a portion of the NCAA football Championship game between Clemson (44) and Alabama (16). At 2130, itís 36o.
Sun, Jan 6 At 0616, itís 39o. Lew went to church and I took down the Red/Green lights. I skipped the DMRRC open house and we watched the Ravens lose to the Chargers and the Eagles beat the Bears in NFL Wild Card games. We added Lobster to Seafood Newburg for dinner. At 2030, itís 43o.
Sat, Jan 5 At 0618, itís 49o and overcast. I went to the Railroad Open House. Following a nap, we watched Indianapolis beat Houston. We had chicken cordon bleu, beets and Mac-n-cheese for dinner. At 2130, itís 44o.
Fri, Jan 4 At 0618, itís 49o and overcast. I went to the Railroad Open House and ran trains for 3 hours. Following a nap, we watched Indianapolis beat Houston. We had chicken cordon bleu, beets and Mac-n-cheese for dinner. At 2130, itís 44o.
Thu, Jan 3 At 0601, itís 46o with rain in the area. We booked our FastPasses for the March WDW trip as well as my scooter. We took down more of Christmas, including the tree. We had lunch at Irish Penny. We watched DVR shows in the evening. At 2150, itís 37o.
Wed, Jan 2 At 0647, itís 40o. We faced-timed the kids to learn about their party and started taking down Christmas decorations. We had leftover vegetable beef soup and seafood newburg for dinner. Barb Wygal will be bringing us 1.25mg Vetmedin. At 2120, itís 45o.
Tue, Jan 1 At 0545, it's 64o on New Year's Day.