Home WDW Spring Holiday 2020
|≤ <<< Saturday, March 07, 2020 >>> ≥|
All good things must come to an end. Chris will pick us up at 7 for the return trip to MCO and home. AA1899 is scheduled to leave MCO at 0926, arriving in PHL at 1154. Currently, we don't even have seats together! Andrew's Transportation will return us to Wyomissing and the end of our Spring Holiday.
At 0602, its 56o and were packing at Bay Lake Tower. We were in the lobby by 0700. Chris arrived on schedule and we were headed for MCO at 0730. His son, Colin, has finished first in the competition for NCO of the year among the brigades in his region. That competition will continue through September. TSA was easy. At the gate, I sent thank you notes to Todd and Diane Petit for their kind treatment. We boarded on time and left the gate at 0921. Im in 4D, next to a woman who declined the offer for 1A, while Lyd is stuck up there next to an Asian woman, wearing a surgical mask, with a small child. We were wheels up at 0930 on 35L, and enjoyed a turkey bagel in the air. We landed on time; David waiting for us and he soon had us home.
Turkey Bagel