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October 9th: Dr. Scott came and looked at my lip. He also took a stool sample. That thing he took from my lip will probably grow back, and he gave me something to help the blood in my poop. It was a good visit.
It's September 24th, 2020. The Autumnal Equinox was three days ago. Something's up, this morning. I got less breakfast then normal and Mom said something about being NPO. We left the house just before 0730 and went to Larkin Veterinary Center. Stand by!
It's 3:30 and I feel awful. Dr. Scott removed the growth from the right side of my mouth and it was bigger and deeper than he thought. He thinks it might grow back. Mom gave me cough medicine with codeine to help me get some sleep. She slept in the library with me so I wouldn't try the stairs.