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We hosted the 23nd, weekly, game of Clue for the Laws family, via Zoom.
Game 23 lineup is:
Team 1: Jerry & LindaProfessor Plum
Team 2: Amy & BrianColonel Mustard
Team 3: Julia & MattMiss Scarlet
Team 4: Dan & DonnaMr. Green
Team 5: Alex & JulieMrs. Peacock
Team 6: NPCMrs. White
Clue #23 went 1:07 to Round 8, with 35 Suggestions. Alex & Julie won their 2nd match, entering a tie for 4th place with Brian and Tacy. The Guilty party was Miss Scarlet with the Revolver, in the Dining Room. Everybody expects to return next week, and Linda will look for a Team 6 player, as I operated Mrs. White as an NPC.
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