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We hosted the 44th,and final, weekly, game of Clue for the Laws family, via Zoom.
Next week, 8 weeks of the Boddy Invitational will begin.
Game 44 lineup was:
Team 1: Jerry & LindaProfessor Plum
Team 2: David & ShelleyColonel Mustard
Team 3: Julia & MattMiss Scarlet
Team 4: BeckyMr. Green
Team 5: Joe & JesseMrs. Peacock
Team 6: Dan & DonnaMrs. White
The final regular season match of the Laws Clue Tournament, #44 started at 1500. At 1612, with suggestion #33, Jerry and Linda picked up their 11th win with Doc Brown, and Poison, in the Conservatory. The Boddy Invitational will start next Saturday.
Team Cards | Suggestions Made | Tournament Record
Clue EPCOT is projected to open on June 12th