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Chernabog, the evil ruler of the Bald Mountain, has duped one of the characters into stealing a Disney Artifact and hiding it in one of the countries of World Showcase.
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For encounter #4, the lineup was:
Team 1: Jerry & LindaCruella de Ville
Team 2: KellyRed Queen
Team 3: Julia & MattScar
Team 4: BeckyGaston
EPCOT Clue #4 kicked off at 3 with Charlene observing, once again. After an hour and 14 minutes and on the 27th suggestion, Julia and Matt won their third match identifying Ursula hiding the Magic Wand in Italy. With our NE Cruise and Leo’s performance in Beauty and the Beast, our next EPCOT Clue Expedition will be August 7th.
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