Welsh <<< WELSH MENU >>> 2022
Week of 04/30/2022
Sat 04/30/2022 Sun 05/01/2022 Mon 05/02/2022 Tue 05/03/2022
Chicken Sausage Potatoes       Scallop Fettuccine       Meat Loaf Pairs          
Wine Kraut     Garden Salad     Baked Potato            
        Fetzer  Gewurtztraminer Peas Sweet BE 10 oz          
                MAN Family  Pinotage        
        Cappicola. Chips, popcorn                
Moussaka Lamb   L/O Brie     Chicken Salad Baked       Longhorn Steakhouse Out
        Egg Foo Young   Chicken Sausage Potatoes        
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Wed 05/04/2022 Thu 05/05/2022 Fri 05/06/2022 Legend
Tortilla Bake, Fold-Over               Fry Day       From Freezer/Pantry  
Beans Black             White Wine     From Refrigerator  
White Wine                     Recipe      
        Red Lobster   Out                
May the 4th be with you                        
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