Welsh <<< Masa >>> 2022
Kate and the boys selected Masa for Friday's lunch out. I started with iced tea (3) while Lyd had glasses of Kendall Jackson Cabernet Sauvignon (10). Leo ordered Calamari (11) for the table, and Blackened Tuna (12) and a California Roll (6) and Miso Soup (4) for himself. Kate split a seaweed salad (7) with Leo and ordered a Rainbow Roll (14) and Honey Bunny Roll (18) for herself. D ordered Blackened Tuna (12), Beef Negimaki (10) and a Masa Prayer Roll (14). Lyd had a Tropical Roll (15) and an American Dream Roll (17). I had a Green Salad (5), Dynamite Roll (13); Sailor Moon Roll (10) and Yakuza Roll (15). Kate ordered a California Roll (6) for Sal.