Welsh <<< WELSH MENU >>> 2022
Week of 09/03/2022
Sat 09/03/2022 Sun 09/04/2022 Mon 09/05/2022 Tue 09/06/2022
Chicken Barber Cordon Bleu London Broil Chunk; shaved London Broil Slices              
pasta       Potatoes Hash Brown Shredded Hash Browns            
Green beans; garlic ginger Onions & Mushrooms, creamed Onions & Mushrooms, creamed        
        Kanonkop  Pinotage   Corn on the cob          
Macaroni Salad       Soup Maryand Crab       Macaroni Salad       Red Lobster   Out
        1930 FSU Football @ LSU Labor Day            
T: Giant EC 3.7   T:       T:       T:      
L:       L:       L:       L:      
SKDL Donatos-Poconos SKDL Donatos-Poconos SKDL Donatos-Poconos        
Wed 09/07/2022 Thu 09/08/2022 Fri 09/09/2022 Legend
Meat Loaf Slices           Veal Parmigiana [NE p26] From Freezer/Pantry  
Baked Potato             Potatoes Red QR BE   From Refrigerator  
Beans Green whole BE 10oz         Squash stuffed   Recipe      
Ricco Ricco  Dolce           Relax 2020  Riesling   Projects
                        Lentil/Pea Soup  
        Thai Bistro   Out                
T: Nissan     T:       T:              
L: Silver     L: Bone Scan   L: