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The Plan: Rope Drop at the Magic Kingdom is at 0900. We have no lunch plans, but dinner is at 1745 at the Flying Fish over at the Boardwalk.
At 0711, its 73 at Bay Lake Tower. I reserved an Uber for 1700 to take us from BLT to Boardwalk. We left the room at 0750 and took the monorail over to the Magic Kingdom. We entered (early) immediately and went directly to Tomorrowland. We enjoyed Buzz Lightyear where I finally beat Lyds score. We enjoyed the Tomorrowland Transit System so much, we did a re-ride, by staying in our vehicle and going around a 2nd time. We headed for Liberty Square and enjoyed The Haunted Mansion. Afterwards, though the estimate for Pirates of the Caribbean advertised only 5 minutes, the wait was more like 15. From there, we headed for the Jungle Cruise. The estimated wait was 50 minutes, so we went, instead, to the Enchanted Tiki Room. Having played telephone tag with Allison, at V&A, we walked/scootered back to BLT and a reprise of the Nine Dragons leftovers for lunch. Just before noon, Allison called and our V&A reservation has been improved to 1900, so we accepted, Post-Covid, they lost their data base and are rebuilding. At 1215, an email from Allyson moves the reservation to 1750 EVEN though it will still show as 1900. We responded with enthusiastic acceptance and gratitude. 1300: Nap till 1500. Alfredo, a Venezuelan from Uber, was early and took us over to the Boardwalk Resort, and the Flying Fish Restaurant. We were 45 minutes early, but they seated us at the high bar shortly after they opened. William, the bartender, was our server. Lyd started with a Tanqueray Martini (15.50) and I had the first of 2 Makers Mark Manhattans (15.50). We split an order of the PEI Mussels (19) and each ordered the Potato skin-wrapped Red Snapper (58), to which Lyd added a glass of Riesling (17). For dessert, she chose the chocolate dessert (14) and I picked the Goat Cheesecake (13). Uber Driver, Oswaldo, also from Venezuela, returned us to Bay Lake Tower at 1900. Lyd watched the 2015 fireworks. At 2050, its 77. Eagles 7 Texans 7; Astros 1 Phillies 1.