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The Plan: Rope Drop at Hollywood Studios is at 0830. Lunch is at the Brown Derby at 1155, then back to the room for R&R. Dinner is at 1840 at Citricos in the Grand Floridian Resort.
At 0529 EST, itís 74 at Bay Lake Tower. I purchased Genie+ for the day and got us a 0915 reservation at Toy Story Midway Mania. I then went after Lightning Lane for Rise of the Resistance. After repeated refreshes on the app, it offered me 0955 which I grabbed, only to have the confirmation come back with 1540, far too late in the afternoon for us. I tried Customer Services to get it changed, but without success. We left the room at about 0730 for the bus to Hollywood Studios, boarding at about 0740. But, thereís a race! For the next hour, we rode single-lane backroads with all the rest of Disneyís morning traffic that normally rides 4 lanes, so it took an hour to reach Hollywood studios. We went directly to Mickey and Minnieís Runaway Railway, but it was down with a malfunction. We went instead to Midway Mania and our Lightning Lane access. Lyd cleaned my clock, again, with ? points to my ? points. I grabbed a Genie pass to Star Tours. As we passed the Runaway Railway, the sign said 55 minutes, but it didnít look that long, so we jumped in line. 30 minutes later, we exited the ride, and 3 minutes later, we were in the front row of the Frozen Sing Along. Exiting there, we grabbed another Genie pass to Star Tours, arriving about 3 minutes after that. We used the handicap entrance and enjoyed the ride in Concourse B. We were accosted by a security droid who scanned the passengers and identified me as the rebel spy. We jumped to light speed and ended up in a pod race on Tattouine. After we won the race, Yoda sent us coordinates to deliver the spy (me). We jumped to light speed and arrived at Naboo, in the middle of the escports of the droid command ship. We entered the atmosphere and went underwater near the Gaugan city. They took us on an excursion through the planet core and we surfaced and collided with a workshop where the nose of a starfighter broke through our windscreen. Exiting Star Tours, we headed for the Hollywood Brown Derby. We were soon seated in the middle of the main dining room. Carol, a 16 year Brown Derby server took care of us. We had decided earlier we would have appetizers. We both chose the Crab Louie. At 2111, itís 78 on Bay Lake.