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Bill and Vicky Payne (and Rudy) will visit on their way back to West Virginia from Massachusetts.
Monday, Jan 02, 2023
Bill and Vicki Payne, and Rudy arrived, on Monday, from Massachusetts on their way home to West Virginia. We had Sandwiches for lunch and lasagna for dinner. We established that we do have a grey fox living under the sun room. At 2050, itís 49o.
Tuesday, Jan 03, 2023
At 0642, itís 47o and raining. I called animal control and weíll try to close the hole instead. We played a few rounds of Rummikub and then had sandwiches and a pasta artichoke salad for lunch. Following naps, we watched coverage of the contest for Speaker of the House. We had Kung Pao Pork with rice, but forgot the sugar snap peas and the foie gras. At 2150, itís 51o with 96% humidity.
Wednesday, Jan 04, 2023
Bill, Vicki and Rudy left at 8 and came back for Vikiís purse and came back for Rudyís leash.
Vic & Bill
Lyd & Vic