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Dinner at Capital Grill
|≤ <<< Friday, Mar 10, 2023 >>> ≥|
We have an 1800 Reservation at the Capital Grille.
We had a private room overseen by a large portrait of Annie Oakley. Lyd started with a Bombay Gin Martini (15) and Sal had a Bombay Gin Gimlet(15). I had the first of two Tito’s and Tonic (13). Kate had a glass of The Prisoner Pinot Noir (28), as did Lyd. D had a ginger ale (4.25) and Leo had a sprite (4.25). For the first course, D had Tuna tartare (20), and Kate and Leo split another. Sal had a Caesar Salad I, and Lyd and I each had the Crab Cocktail (23). For the main coure, Sal chose the Sesame Seared Tuna (49) and Kate picked the 8 oz seared salmon(42). Leo picked the tenderloin with lobster tail (64) and D selected the 14 oz Dry Aged NY Strip (53). Lyd picked the Sliced Filet (55) and I chose the mint and honey lamb chops (58). Kate also added Brussels Sprouts (20) to the table For dessert Lyd picked the Cheesecake (12), while D selected the Sorbet (11). Leo had Crème Brulee (11) and Kate picked the Flourless Espresso Cake (11). Kate also added Brussels Sprout (20) to the table