Welsh <<< WELSH MENU >>> 2023
Week of 03/25/2023
Sat 03/25/2023 Sun 03/26/2023 Mon 03/27/2023 Tue 03/28/2023
Pork Tenderloin Parmesan       Beef Tenderloin Slices   Sausage & Red Peppers       angel hair & clam sauce
Brussels Sprouts   Gravy LTPR     Beet Salad, Jelled   Pudding Sticky Toffee pairs
        Potatoes Roasted   Li Veli Orion  Primitivo   Chateau Du Caillau Cahors 2020  Malbec
        Cappicola     Chicken Barber Kiev          
                Pineapple w/raspberry dressing        
T: Giant     T:       T: Pest     T:   Cardiologist
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Wed 03/29/2023 Thu 03/30/2023 Fri 03/31/2023 Legend
White Beans & Pepperoni               Beef with Ginger       From Freezer/Pantry  
24 Hour Salad             Rice       From Refrigerator  
Jam Jar 2021  Sweet Shiraz         Red Wine     Recipe      
        Masa     Out                
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