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Week of 07/01/2023
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Salmon & Chicken     OUT Chicken Honey Cashew Crab Imperial       Shrimp Cocktail      
      SKDL Rice       Corn Bread Squares   Claw fingers    
                General Tso Sugar Snap Peas cheese; crackers; nuts  
                Hot Milk Sponge Cake chicken meatballs  
                cheese; crackers; nuts Hot Milk Sponge Cake
                Shine 2020  Gewurtztraminer        
                Deviled Eggs       Philly Cheese Steaks  
                        Tater tots eggs  
                        Sister Cities Slaw  
                        B:Bagels; biscuits, fruit, eggs
T: Giant     T:       T: Blood   FW T:      
L:       L:       L:     FW L:      
                Charlie: ETA Dinner   Charlie      
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Seafood Crepes   Tilapia, Parmesan OG       Veal Picatta       From Freezer/Pantry  
Spinach Salad     Broccoli Salad     Broccoli Salad   From Refrigerator  
Clam Chowder, New England Scalloped Apples   Scalloped Apples   Recipe      
Hot Milk Sponge Cake RL Biscuits     Sister Cities Slaw   Projects
Cake Angel     Shine 2020  Gewurtztraminer Ricco  Dolce            
Masa     Out Masa Sushi     Bagels              
                eggs and mushrooms        
B:Bagels; biscuits, fruit, eggs   B:Bagels; biscuits, fruit, eggs                  
T:       T:       T:              
L:       L:       L:              
Charlie       Charlie Shopping in Lancaster Charlie: 1130 ETD