Welsh <<< WELSH MENU >>> 2023
Week of 12/02/2023
Sat 12/02/2023 Sun 12/03/2023 Mon 12/04/2023 Tue 12/05/2023
KFC       Chicken Pistachio [2]         Angel Hair    
Tomatoes Stewed     Romaine Split             Clam Sauce    
        Bread Pudding           Ricco  Dolce    
KFC     Togo Soup Zuppa Toscana       Pizza GNA     Brats Johnsville Smoked
                        Crab Cakes    
2000: Lousville v FSU: ACC 16:25 49ers @ Eagles                
T: Giant Scouts T:       T:       T:      
L:   Scouts L:       L:       L:      
Wed 12/06/2023 Thu 12/07/2023 Fri 12/08/2023 Legend
T:Angel hair and clam sauce Angel hair and clam sauce Chicken Kung Pao       From Freezer/Pantry  
L:Cheese & crackers           Sobo Noodles     From Refrigerator  
                Relax 2021  Riesling   Recipe      
T:Tunafish sandwich   Flounder in Salsa Picante       Sardine Sandwiches          
L:KFC       Coucous                    
        Brussels Sprouts                  
T:       T:     Concert T:              
L:       L:     Concert L: