Welsh <<< WELSH MENU >>> 2024
Week of 02/24/2024
Sat 02/24/2024 Sun 02/25/2024 Mon 02/26/2024 Tue 02/27/2024
Veal Saltimbocca       Lamb Albondiga [4]   Crab Imperial       Blueberries    
Beans Green whole BE 10.8oz Black-eyed Peas   Beets T.O.I. 15.5oz   OG Egg Plant    
Li Veli Orion  Primitivo   Ricco  Dolce     La Marca  Prosecco          
BBQ Pork Moonlite   Breakfast Casserole           Olive Garden   Out
Rolls Western                          
Angry Orchard                            
T:       T: Giant     T: Robin     T:      
L:       L:       L:       L:      
Wed 02/28/2024 Thu 02/29/2024 Fri 03/01/2024 Legend
Chicken Tetrazzini           Steak Filet Mignon       From Freezer/Pantry  
Cheese Cheddar block          Potatoes Scalloped BC From Refrigerator  
Eggplant & Onions           Broccoli Baby Florets BE 12.5oz Recipe      
Cheese gruyere block           Foie gras     Projects
                Kanonkop  Pinotage   French Onion Soup      
OG Egg Plant   Masa     Out Masa Sushi            
OG Pasta/meatballs           Masa Yaki Soba          
                Ricco  Dolce            
T:       T:       T:              
L:       L:       L: