Audrey Welsh  
Mother passed away in Genesis Health Nursing Home on November 18, 2009. Interment was at Hillside Cememtery in Scotch Plains, NJ, along with Dad and Steven.
2009-11-18 Mother passed away at 0330.
2009-08-07 Stool is present in the urinary tract. She has been switched to palliative care.
2009-07-14 The antibiotics are finally working and she has returned to Genesis Health care.
2009-07-10 Mother is not responding to the antibiotics.
2009-07-06 The installation of the PEG, tube went well. There is some bacteremia. There is still some stool in the bladder as there is always mucus and some bacteria in the colon. The surgical alternative would be to remove the section of bowel that has perforated the bladder, but she is not a surgical candidate for such a procedure. The prognosis is not good!
2009-07-01 The colostomy was completed.
2009-06-22 The diagnosis is a colovesicle fistula. A colostomy is planned.
2009-06-21 Mother has another urinary tract infection (UTI) and has been admitted to PRMC.
2009-06-01 Room #425 is being converted to a double room, resulting in a change to Genesis Health Center, Room #312.
2009-05-30 Roommate incompatabilites have resulted in a change to Genesis Health Center, Room #425A.
2009-05-19 Ineligible to return to Lakeside, Mother is in Genesis Health Center, Room #407A.
2009-05-14 Mother has a urinary tract infection (UTI) and has been admitted to Peninsula Regional Medical Center.
2009-03-09 Mother transferred from Genesis Health to Lakeside Assisted Living, in Salisbury, Maryland.
2009-02-09 Mother flew from Jacksonville, Florida to Genesis Health in Salisbury, Maryland.
2009-01-13 Arrangements have been made to fly mother to Salisbury, Maryland on February 9th, by AeroMedical Transport.
2009-01-05 The Atrium Apartment in assisted living, has been packed and put into storage.
2008-12-18 Mother has returned to Atrium Skilled Living for continuing OT/PT of her left leg.
2008-12-11 Mother has been transported to Memorial Hospital for a suspected TIA which turned out to be hypoglycemia.
2008-10-01 Mother has returned to Atrium Skilled Living for OT/PT for her left leg.
2008-09-25 Mother fell off her new scooter, has a fractured left femur and is in Baptist Hospital, Beaches.
2008-07-15 Mother is in Atrium Assisted Living.
2008-07-11 Mother is in Baptist Hospital, Beaches, with an infected leg.
2008-06-29 Mother returned to Assisted Living.
2008-06-02 Mother has returned to Atrium's Skilled Nursing Unit
2008-05-27 With breathing problems and blood sugar problems, Mother has been admitted to Baptist Hospital, downtown.
2008-05-17 Mother has been released from the skilled nursing unit and is now living in Assisted Living.
2008-05-08 Mother's belongings have been moved from Independent Living to Assisted Living. As soon as she is able, she'll be released from skilled nursing and move to #517 in Assisted Living.
2008-03-30 Mother returned to Atrium's skilled nursing unit to await a leg brace and placement in Atrium's assisted living unit.
2008-03-26 Mother has fallen and has been transported to Baptist Beaches Hospital.
2008-03-25 With OT/PT completed, Mother has returned to Atrium Independent Living.
2008-02-29 With the pneumonia gone, Mother goes to Atrium's skilled nursing unit for OT/PT.
2008-02-24 Mother is admitted to Beaches Baptist Hospital with pneumonia.
2007-11-05 Mother's new super lift lounge chair has arrived.
2007-10-18 Mother is discharged from Baptist and is living in the Independent Living section of Atrium. She has a scooter to help her get around.
2007-10-11 Mother moved into the Independent Living section of Atrium. Dr. Lagatouris, Podiatrist, interrupted the move by readmitting her to Baptist Beaches to deal with her leg infections.
2007-10-01 Mother fell and we were able to return her to her feet.
2007-09-19 Mother fell and was returned to her feet by rescue personnel.
2007-09-01 Mother fell and was returned to her feet by rescue personnel.
2007-08-31 Mother fell and was transported to Baptist Beaches, but not admitted.
2007-08-17 Mother has completed OT/PT and has returned, home, to 4030 High Pine Rd.
2007-07-25 Mother returned to Life Care for OT/PT.
2007-07-19 Dr. Graham-Smith met with us and described a spinal stenosis at L34 and L45 that was bone on bone. He chipped away bone trying to establish a spinal tunnel but was unable to do so, so he opened the roof by removing L5,S1 on the left side.
2007-07-17 Mother has been moved to Baptist South Hospital for spinal surgery.
2007-07-07 Mother entered Life Care for OT/PT.
2007-07-02 Mother entered Baptist Beaches Hospital to recover from the fall.
2007-07-01 Mother fell and spent the night with us
2006-11-21 Mother, Lyd and I spent Thanksgiving with Kate, Sal and Salís family, in Pennsylvania.
2006-10-12 Mother had a bad day at the doctor. She has to go back to the chest surgeon to see if her yeast infection has gone into her chest. She needs to visit the orthopedic surgeon for procedures on both shoulders, which would result in 8 weeks rehab for each. Johnson also did not like her EKG and has referred her to a cardiologist.
2005-08-22 Mother reports that the dermatologist called and the pathology report of the spot on the front of her left calf is melanoma, stage 1.
2005-04-12 Santo and Ann Ferrarello came for dinner and spent the night at motherís house.
2004-10-13 Mother took a four-day cruise to Key West and the Bahamas.
2004-03-17 Motherís breast x-ray went well and the technician who wheeled her out to the car whispered ďnegativeĒ in her ear.
2004-02-24 Mother had surgery on her right wrist.
2003-10-14 Mother had surgery on her right knee, a complete knee replacement.
2001-10-15 At 0920, Mother and I ordered his life support to be removed and Dad died at 0925. Cremation is ordered and heíll be interred in New Jersey.
2001-10-12 Dad has still not regained consciousness from the tracheotomy and a CAT shows a large stroke. We will wait over the weekend for developments.
2001-09-30 The transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE) down the throat was unsuccessful and appears to have done damage. Dad has developed a fluid sac next to the larynx and fluid is spilling into his lungs and he is drowning in his own juices. Tomorrow, the ENT doctor will do a tracheotomy and drain his lungs.
2001-09-30 Dr. Jadejah called. The staph has surfaced again and she wants him admitted immediately. We rounded up everything and he entered Memorial Emergency in the late morning.
2001-09-10 Dad is back home.
2001-08-23 Dad passed out in OT/PT. Dr. Leena Jadeja says the pacer needs to be re-implanted. Heíll be moved back to Memorial. At 1050, he is back at Memorial.
2001-08-03 Dad is at Jacksonville Specialty Hospital for 6 weeks antibiotics IV.
2001-08-01 Dadís Pacer is removed, probably staph plated.
2001-07-18 Dad returns to the hospital following another sin copal episode. This time, itís an elevated white count.
2001-07-02 Dad received a pacemaker at Memorial Hospital.
2001-06-29 Dad suffered a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) and was admitted to Beaches Baptist Hospital.
2000-08-05 Wil and Audrey moved from Mt. Dora to 4030 High Pine Road in Jacksonville.