Tom's Porch
We've decided to have a screened porch built on the southeast corner of the house. After it's done, we'll fence a portion of the back yard. When that's done, Yard Design will alter the landscaping.
Wed, Sep 22 The final inspection by the city was completed.
Mon, Sep 20 Rob Messick and Ricky finished the screening on the porch and Christine puttied and sealed their nail holes; the porch is finished.
Wed, Sep 15 Christine and John started the painting and sealing.
Mon, Sep 13 It's too wet to paint today, so Don told Christine to wait until tomorrow.
Fri, Sep 10 Rob, Keith and Ricky installed the cedar siding on the inside of the porch walls. Christine is expected Monday to begin painting the outside.
Thu, Sep 9 Rob called. The siding has arrived and will be installed tomorrow.
Wed, Sep 8 Dickey put in the backyard flood and the wall fixture on the porch. He installed the 3 aimable lights in the kitchen, but only one of the front door lamps as the other was damaged.
Tue, Sep 7 Dickey, the electrician, says he'll be back tomorrow morning to continue the installation.
Mon, Sep 6 We bought furniture for the porch at Lowe's
Thu, Sep 2 Rob says our cedar panels have been delayed until next week. He picked up the light weight materials still behind the house.
Wed, Sep 1 Ricky and Keith finished the siding.
Tue, Aug 31 Christine, the painter, stopped by and we discussed project needs.
Mon, Aug 30 Rob dropped by and we discussed what is left in the job. Fencing won't impede his porch access, so Scott Dickerson was told to start the fencing project.
Thu, Aug 26 The wiring has been inspected and the window to the family room removed. Work will continue Tuesday.
The Old Window The Window is Gone
Wed, Aug 25 The roof has been finished and most of the electrics installed; waiting for the fixtures.
Tue, Aug 24 Rob was here, again, before 0700. The rest of the ceiling went up quickly followed by trim work. The skylights are in and the first layer of roofing has been added.
Walls Walls Ceiling Ceiling
Mon, Aug 23 The framing started before 0700! They put up all the cedar 4x4 verticals, the fir beams and half the pine tongue and groove ceiling/roof. Rob estimates they'll be here about 2 weeks. He'll close the family room window next week after the family visitors are gone. The end of next week we'll give Scott a window for the fencing installation. When he gives us his timeline, we'll pass that on to Bryan for a timeline for the landscaping.
The cutting Area Cedar 4x4s Pine Ceiling Pine Ceiling
Sat, Aug 21 The masons returned on a Saturday morning to finish the pavers. They didn't want the framing to be behind schedule.
Fri, Aug 20 The masons worked all day putting down the pavers. They'll finish tomorrow. We're also going to ask for two changes: installation of two carriage lamps by the front door and modification of the aiming of the floods over the kitchen counter.
Thu, Aug 19 Placement of the pavers began.
Wed, Aug 18 The pavers were delivered, but it's doubtful they'll be installed in the continuing rain.
Tue, Aug 17 The porch floor has been poured by Parker Construction. After they put down the forms, they put in a plastic moisture barrier. Next came the wire mesh and finally the concrete. Tomorrow they'll put the pavers down.
The moisture barrier went down first.
Mon, Aug 16 The new opening under the family room was installed at the rear of the house and the opening on the east wall was closed.
New South Access Hole Old East Access Hole
Wed, Aug 11 Rob Messick took some measurements and we discussed the pavers with Greg.
Thu, Aug 05 The variance application hearing was held in the City Hall Council Chambers. The chairman was rather hostile both to us and to the staff, repeatedly asking the same questions of them, but not liking the answers. He voted no, but the other two members agreed with the positive staff recommendation, so the variance was approved. We called Greg and told him.
Sat, Jul 31 The zoning variance request documents came in the mail and were forwarded to Greg. We appear to be first on the agenda and the documents recommend approval. Greg has given us a timeline which suggests completion before family arrive at the end of the month.
Wed, Jul 21 The variance sign appeared in the yard today and we got an advertising bill for $178.27 in the mail
Wed, Jul 7 Henry Eure from the Salisbury Zoning office looked at the back yard and indicated he will make a favorable recommendation to the zoning board on our application for a variance.
Wed, Jun 30 Greg is concerned about the outcome of the zoning hearing, so we are considering plans B & C.
Thu, Jun 17 Greg dropped by and we discussed the porch and the necessary zoning variances.
Wed, Jun 16 Greg reports zoning problems with the City of Salisbury. They want the porch moved farther away from the lot line. We're not willing to have a bureaucrat redesign the porch, so we're going to pursue a variance. Alas, we've missed the July agenda for the variance, so we'll go after it in August.
Fri, Jun 4 Greg came and we've finalized the plans for the screened porch. We signed the contracts and gave him a deposit. We're awaiting the start.
Thu, May 27 We met with Greg to establish some drawings and specs for the porch. It will go over the existing patio.