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Kate, Sal and Nico Visit
Postponed from last week, Kate, Sal, and Nico got an early start and rolled in, Friday night at 2145. Their big announcement --- She is expecting their second child in October! Saturday, it was nice enough to go in the backyard and play for a while, before Margaret joined us for a dinner of Chicken Tetrazzini. Sunday, we continued playing. Nico likes his Sorcerer's Apprentice hat and his new clock, assembled by his father. We also spent time playing with the monorail set. Margaret joined us for a brunch of taco salad and the kids left for Wyomissing around 1100. They emailed at 1515, home, safe and sound. We'll next see them, in Wyomissing, for Easter.
Nico with his Sorcerer's Hat video
Chicken Tettrazzini